5 Highest Rated Electric Bike Beach Cruisers on Amazon

Most of us think of visiting a bike dealer if we’re looking for a new electric bike, but you can also buy one online if that’s where you prefer to shop. Electric bikes are an incredible phenomenon and, while they aren’t as popular as traditional bikes, there are many brands and configurations available and they certainly offer riders appealing features. Amazon offers electric bike beach cruisers of all different kinds, so let’s take a look at some of the highest rated ones. 

1. VIVI Electric Bike 350W

The VIVI Electric Bike 350W is one of the most versatile options on the market. Suitable for adults (and not kids), this aluminum and carbon steel bike provides the power needed without being overly priced and can hold up to 330 pounds. This e-bike features a 350W rear hub motor and can assist pedaling up to 20 miles per hour. The 36-volt, 8Ah battery is easily removed for charging and can provide a range of 22 to 50 miles on a full charge. The 26-inch tires and 7-speed Shimano gearing allow users to easily shift and switch pedal assist on and off. The upright seating position is perfect for a nice ride on the beach and allows riders to remain relaxed and comfortable. Riders looking for a reliable bike to get them to and from a destination daily can also greatly benefit from buying this bike. The bike requires a bit of assembly, but is sturdy and serves its purpose well. Price: $769

2. SOHOO 500W Step-Over Beach Cruiser 

Prospective e-bike buyers who are looking for a little more power might appreciate this SOHOO bike and all of the features it has to offer. Made with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, this bike provides a 500W rear hub motor, 26-inch tires, and a removable 48-volt, 12Ah battery. Note that since the battery is larger, it takes longer to charge (around 6 hours), but in turn it lasts longer and allows for a longer ride. The M5 LCD display is one of the best of all of the electric bikes on the market, as it cleanly displays all of the information you need to know including things like speed, battery life, a temperature gauge, and a trip distance measurement. The power of this bike can assist riders in getting up to a speed of 25 miles per hour, and the bike features a load capacity of 290 pounds. The Shimano 7S drivetrain is one of the best features, as it allows for seamless shifting. The bike also comes with several lights for safety purposes – both for during the day and at night. The brakes are also impressive, with a 180-mm double disc braking system that allows for quick stops at all times. The bike comes in white or silver and happy buyers report that customer service is responsive and helpful. Price: $1,269

3. Micargi Cyclone Electric Cruiser

If you’re wanting a sleek, functional electric bike and have a little extra cash to spend, the Micargi Cyclone Electric Cruiser is an excellent option. The color options include black, but for the same price Amazon also offers a red and black bike that is sure to draw attention. The power disc braking in the front and the back offers riders the ability to stop quickly if needed and the bike has a low-rise frame, meaning riders can get on and off the bike quickly, too. This e-bike features a 500W direct-drive motor with 26-inch tires and utilizes Panasonic’s 48-volt lithium-ion battery technology that provides ample battery life for a cruise alongside the beach. The e-bike can hold up to 350 pounds and can also be easily fitted with bike racks and other accessories. The bike is 85% assembled when it arrives at buyers’ doors, so setup is much simpler than some other e-bikes available online. Price: $1,999

4. Macwheel 350W Electric Bike

Shoppers looking for a lower-priced electric bike that is still great for cruising the beach oftentimes opt to purchase the Macwheel 350W Electric Bike. The tires are bigger than other bikes, measuring 28” instead of the standard 26” you’ll find on most bikes. Riders report these bigger tires allow for more control and comfort. The 350W hub motor provides the ability to get up to 15.5 miles per hour, which should be plenty for a leisurely ride on the beach. The 36-volt battery offers a range of up to 50 miles in pedal assist mode and 25 miles in all-electric mode. The display is nicely laid out and lets riders know the important information about their ride. The removable battery is hidden in the e-bike’s frame but is easily removed without the need for any tools or gadgets. With a 7-gear transmission system and 5 adjustable levels of assistance, there are plenty of options and you’re guaranteed to find the one that’s best for your particular ride. Price: $849

5. Tower Beach Bum 2 Electric Beach Cruiser

Last, but certainly not least, another electric bike with great reviews on Amazon is the Tower Beach Bum 2 Electric Beach Cruiser. This e-bike features an aluminum frame and an intricate hydraulic brake system. The 500W e-bike comes with Schwalbe Fat Frank balloon tires and luxurious Velo-brand saddle and grips to maximize comfort. Riders report that the 7-speed Shimano Gear and Derailleur System provides users with a smooth ride regardless what weather conditions the beach is having when they go for a ride.  Perhaps one of the most attractive features of this e-bike is that it weighs under 50 pounds, which is in stark contrast to most e-bikes that weigh over 70 pounds. Depending on different variables, riders can typically get 30 to 60 miles on a charge. Price: $1,999 


Jason has owned an ebike for 3 years and loves them for many reasons - mostly because they offer low cost, energy efficient, and emission-free transportation which also has physical and health benefits.

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