Do You Need a License to Ride an Electric Bike?

The way people move to different places has significantly involved over the last decade. It has become much easier to go from one place to another without taking up to much time. One of the previous developments in transportations is the popular E-Bike. Before buying one of the E-bikes, it can be helpful to know … Read more

Electric Bikes for Kids | 9 Reasons Why You Should Buy One

Black electric bikes for kids parked.

You might have seen an increasing number of electric bikes on the streets and wondered what the hype is about. Maybe you got one for yourself and are looking for a battery-operated bike for kids. While buying an electric bike for a 10-year-old might not seem like the brightest idea at first, you’d be surprised … Read more

11 Benefits of Electric Bikes for Women

A woman sitting on a bench by the sea with an electric bike parked behind her.

Few things are as liberating as riding down the road with the wind in your hair, cruising from point A to B without worrying about carbon emissions. There are countless benefits of electric bikes for women, so if you’re considering getting one, you’re in luck! Let’s go over some of the benefits of ladies’ electric bikes: … Read more

Buying an E-Bike? Keep These Tips in Mind

comfortable ride for longer commutes

We wish making the right decision of buying an electric bike was as easy and smooth as it is riding one up a steep hill. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Electric bikes need a heavy initial investment, and it is important to decide what option is the most suitable one for you to … Read more

How to Maintain an E-Bike’s Battery Health?

black and rust e-bike

Have you heard of e-bike batteries going bad after only 2 years? Ever wondered why? Most e-bike batteries should last up to 5 years. Why is there such a discrepancies between the two? What is it that owners do differently in taking care of their e-bikes and batteries? First easy place to start is the … Read more

How to Use Multimeter on Ebike Battery

For using a multimeter on an e-bike battery, first, you will have to recharge your e-bike for at least 6 to 8 hours straight. Then, place the bike in such a way that it does not move while using the multimeter. Next, set the multimeter function mode to DC. Using DMM probes, measure the voltage. Finally, turn on the bike and again measure the voltage.

How To Build A DIY Ebike Battery From 18650 Cells – Complete Guide

Whether you are building the entire ebike yourself, or are planning to replace the battery of your existing ebike, DIY might be a great option. Not only are DIY batteries cheaper, but they also offer a layer of customization and quality control that you can’t find on store bought ones. In this article, I will … Read more

Can I Insure My Ebike?

Can I Insure My Ebike? In today’s world, electric bicycles are one of the most popular modes of transportation. However, electric bikes are a bit expensive and you might have to face a huge loss if you don’t have them insured. So, you might be wondering, “Can I insure my e-bike?” You will get your … Read more

How Electric Bikes Work?

As Humans, we are all accustomed to have a vision of future developments. A reference to the word vision here should not be construed in the most quintessential way in this context. Think of vision, as imagination. We have all at some point in our lives imagined a future. It may be our own self, … Read more