Best Affordable Electric Bikes in 2022

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Are you interested in getting in the electric bike game but don’t want to break the bank? Are you wondering what is some of the best affordable electric bikes in 2022? In this article, we will hopefully equip you with some useful information and cover affordable e-bikes options for 2022.

Electric bikes of the past

Gone are the days when electric bikes were bulky (read ugly), inconvenient and expensive machines that offered limited use. The past few years have given us easy-to-ride, convenient and pocket-friendly e-bikes that reduce our use of fossil fuels, traffic congestion, and other boring modes of transport.  With a wide range of electric bikes available, from high-end mountain e-bikes to heavy-duty cargo e-bikes, there is something for everyone in the market. Whether you are rushing down to the store to grab some beer or planning to visit a friend. We have listed some of our favorite electric bikes that we believe are the best affordable electric bikes in 2022.  Check them out.


Great all-around electric bike. Comes with a powerful 750W motor and combined a high capacity 720Wh lithium battery. The front suspension fork and a rear spring shock help maintain a smooth controlled ride. The 26″ fat tires provide you with a comfortable and stable ride no matter where you go. The weight capacity of this electric bike is 300lbs.

You can get this electric bike for $1,249.00


With a high-speed brushless 500-watt motor this bike comes with some punch. This electric bike was designed to go anywhere. The motor and battery are seamlessly integrated into the frame. It comes with support levels to aid in the riding conditions making it unnecessary to shift gears in flat terrain. The GS9 has three riding modes that are relaxed, sightseeing, and enjoying the outdoors as it is to more action-packed rides in moderate terrain. It’s an excellent choice for trekking and exploring new terrain.

You can get this electric bike for $1,499.00

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3. Propella 7S

If you aren’t a bike enthusiast and are looking for options that won’t cause a dent in your pocket, this bike is your go-to bike. This is crafted to be an everyday use electric bike. Comes with 7 gears to allow to maximize speed and climbing abilities. The frame and motor won’t give up after 15mph, the bike has trustworthy components like a Samsung battery and Shimano disc brakes. Accredited with nifty components like a suspension seat, this is pretty lightweight for an electric bike. According to our research, priced at $1,299, this 37-pound e-bike is one of the best affordable bikes out there.

You can get this electric bike for $1,299.00

7S Final 3-2.jpg


4. Radrunner

With a magical gel of affordability and usefulness, this bike has a burly 120-pound rear rack and big, stable, custom Kenda tires to make up for the extras that are removed from its frame. A total of 330 accessory combinations allows your RadRunner to be uniquely yours.  Whether you want a bike for your beach cruise or want to ditch your heavy vehicle for something light, this is made just for you. The bike is priced at an easy-on-the-pocket $1299.

You can get this electric bike for $1,299.00

RadRunner 1 - Electric Utility Bike | Rad Power Bikes

5. Nakto CAMEL 

With a high-strength carbon steel frame, a front V-brake, and a rear expansion brake system, this cargo bike promises to provide premium shock absorbance and a comfortable ride for $660. With two easy modes to select from, this bike ensures that you can choose it for a long time of travel and exercise. Meaning it’s time to get up from that couch and go outside in the fresh air to have a fun ride to the coolest picnic spot near you.

You can get this electric bike for $687.99

Nakto 26″ 250W Cargo-Electric Bicycle 6 speed e-Bike 36V Lithium Battery Aadult/Young Adult-Women – Fixie Cycles


6. Bolt Up 14″ Electric Ride On

The Jetson Bolt Up Ride-On is the perfect ride for when you are out and on the go. Its lightweight design is perfect for any urban setting. It has a 350-Watt motor, 14” wheels, and footpegs to ensure that every trip is will be fun. This electric bike is perfect for zipping around town. The motor is powerful yet quiet. It has a built-in carrying handle and a lightweight aluminum alloy frame for easy portability.

You can get this electric bike for $495.00


Affordable electric bikes

There are a few other affordable electric bikes that deserved mention in the list, but we came up with the best amongst them for you to choose from. So go ahead and make your best buy of the year. Like all the other technical stuff, electric bikes come in with many technical specs that you may or may not care about. But here is our advice, once you go through the list of best electric bikes that we have compiled, make sure that whichever bike you choose to get has widely available parts as well as good customer support. Trust us when we say this; it will make your rides multiple times easier.


It was nearly impossible to find an electric bike that was under $2,000 just a couple of years ago. Today that is not the case. Now the electric bike revolution has many options and price points to choose from. Hopefully, we were able to answer the question of what is the best affordable electric bikes in 2022.


kyleOwner at - EbikeWizard

I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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