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Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 is a great electric mountain bike (EMTB)
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Electric bikes are used for several different purposes, one of which is trail riding. There is no shortage of e-bike trails across the globe, and owners of electric bikes are always looking to utilize them to attain fun and adventure. However, to make your trail riding comfortable and satisfying, you have to have an electric mountain bike (EMTB) that is designed and built for the exact purpose in mind. In this article, we will take a look at the best electric bike for trail riding.

What Should The Best Electric Bike For Trail Riding Entail?

The best electric bike for trail riding has to be an e-bike that is not only fit for trail riding but overtakes other electric bikes by being a solid and complete package of motor performance, handling, and maneuverability. It has to be unafraid of the most challenging electric bike trails. It has to feature perfect touring, downhill, and uphill abilities and should have a sleek and functional design and a powerful battery concept. Furthermore, it should be light in weight and have ultra-smart details. Luckily for you, we have found such an electric mountain bike.

Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021

Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 is the best electric bike for trail riding

After performing extensive research and several tests, we have come to the conclusion that Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 is the best electric bike for trail riding. It is a bike that is ready to take on all kinds of e-bike trails and fulfill the anticipations and wishes of all kinds of riders in an equal and comprehensive manner. The EMTB redefines trail riding by managing to successfully combine different characteristics and components of an electric bike that might seem incompatible with its competitor e-bikes.

Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 offers precision, playfulness, stability, control, speed, and security for all abilities on all terrains. It masterfully delivers maximum utility and is a benchmark for trail riding. Merida is a top Taiwanese brand that is known for manufacturing some of the most durable and high-performing electric bikes across the globe. It has equipped the eOne-sixty 10K 2021 with a Shimano EP8 motor that produces 85 Nm torque and a large 630 Wh battery.

The EMTB has an elegant-looking carbon front triangle that neatly encases its battery, making the bike noiseless and look sleek. The connection cables run inside the handlebar and reach the frame directly from the stem. The e-bike has a chainstay protector that secures the chain slap. You also get a multi-tool in the package, which is neatly hidden under the saddle. The Lezyne headlight of the bike is one of a kind and is integrated into the cockpit. It is strong enough to allow you to enjoy your late trail sessions without fear of lack of visibility.

All the components of Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 are top-notch in terms of their performance as well as quality and durability. It is priced at $12,000, which is a great price for the value it offers. Its four-piston brakes are powerful and reliable with 20 mm rear and front rotors. The drivetrain of the powerhouse is 12-speed, and it has a 160 mm Factory Grip2 fork. Combined with a top-of-the-shelf 150 mm X2 Factory shock, the e-bike offers unparalleled performance on e-bike trails. It is truly an all-rounder when it comes to trail riding.

The ready-to-ride weight of Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 is 22.96 kilograms or 50.62 pounds, allowing it to be light enough to be highly maneuverable and heavy enough to allow riders to maintain complete control and stability. Its carbon wheelset partners with a 2.5″ rubber at the front and a 2.6″ tire at the rear. What is more, is that both the rubbers roll out of the factory in a double-down casing that is extremely robust. The tires enable you to experiment with low air pressures and offer a grip that not many other electric bikes are able to. To enhance the operation, speed, and ergonomics, the manufacturers have equipped the EMTB with a 170 mm Reverb AXS dropper post.

The suspension of the e-bike is stiff, providing high reserves and support without compromising on its generation of traction. The harmony between its shock and the rear end is perfect as well. The display is clear and highly visible, constantly showing all the information a rider can ever need. The bike is able to support a maximum weight of 135 kilograms.

On-the-trail performance of Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 is agile, comfortable, fun, and good-natured. It has a high front end, but oddly enough, it is extremely swift to handle on climbs. The electric mountain bike motivates you to try out the most difficult of features of the e-bike trail you ride and is crafty with winding and flowing trails. Regardless of if the person riding Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 is an amateur or a pro, the predictable and intuitive handling the EMTB offers is always rewarding an active style of riding.

Is it not so that some electric bikes just make you feel easy and comfortable when you get on them while others do not? From the get-go, the Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 makes its rider feel completely in control and highly confident. A major aspect of trail riding is enjoying the scenic beauty that surrounds the e-bike trail. You can only indulge in it if you can completely and undoubtedly rely on your e-bike to be efficient in its control and stability. These all-rounding features of Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 make it one of the best electric bikes for seniors as well. For youngsters, the suspension provides immense support, and you can easily pull the e-bike into the air without worrying about the drops and landings as it offers plenty of reserves.

For people that have back or neck pain issues, the Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 has a high front which allows for a central and an upright riding position. The bike’s weight distribution was given careful attention by its engineers as it is perfectly balanced. When it comes to descents that are technical or steep, the electric mountain bike generates high tension, making it secure and feel smooth. The playful Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 is truly the best electric bike for trail riding of all the electric bikes currently available in the market.

To close it off, the best electric bike for trail riding offers amazing riding characteristics, such as playful agility, non-nervous stability, balanced handling, lively riding fun, natural motor feeling, powerful motor power, and top value for money to its riders. Whether you ride the Merida eOne-sixty 10K 2021 on a forest road, flow trail uphill or downhill, or single technical trail uphill or downhill, it will serve you as efficiently as electric bikes can serve their riders.

An electric mountain bike or EMTB is specially designed to cater to trail riding requirements and demands. If you are a senior and fond of two-wheel rides on non-challenging e-bike trails, you can go for an e-bike that is more durable and secure. Here are our top picks for the best electric bikes for seniors:

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kyleOwner at - EbikeWizard

I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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