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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 in 2022

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 in 2022

In the past, the question of whether there are quality electric bikes for under $1000 would likely have been met with scoffs and looks of disbelief from bike shop sales staff and online reviews. However, the rapid growth of the electric bike industry has led to constant innovation, greater demand thus many more accessible pricing options. Our team of engineers and cycling enthusiasts have researched and tested many options within this price range in order to present a comprehensive list of recommended models for those new to e-bikes or for those with a budget of $1000 or less.

1. Ride1Up Roadster V2 $1045

While this model is priced at just above the $1000 mark, we loved it so much that we didn’t want to exclude it from our top ten list.  The clean and simple design of the Roadster V2 is reminiscent of the flat-bar fixed gear bike making it the perfect electric bike for the cyclist who wants an incognito electric bike for urban commuting. 

The Roadster V2 is a class 3 electric bike, featuring a 350w Shengyi rear hub motor and offers pedal assist up to 24mph with 5 levels of pedal assist. The non-removable battery is a 36V, 7ah battery located within the seat tube. Sticking with a clean design, the drivetrain comes equipped with a belt drive and a large, 64 tooth chainring. The Roadster V2 comes with Tektro v-brakes, fender, and rack mounts making it the perfect urban commuting machine. The frame geometry stays true to a classic fixed-gear bike offering a performance-oriented ride position which won’t be suitable for those who want an upright and relaxed cycling experience.

2. Rad Power RadMission $999

Rad Power Bikes is no stranger in the electric bike industry and their RadMission has enabled them to reach even more consumers by offering such an affordable electric bike. The RadMission is a class 2 electric bike with a 500w, 50nm high-torque throttle offering up to 45 miles range. The RadMission offers single-speed gearing with a 5-level pedal assist and a twist-throttle. It also comes equipped with Tektro mechanical disc brakes with a larger 180mm rotor making braking easy without the need for the more expensive hydraulic brakes.

It is available in a high-step or mid-step frame making it suitable for riders 5’3-6’3. The mid-step frame comes equipped with swept-back handlebars and offers a more upright riding position while the high-step offers a more traditional, slightly more aggressive, performance-oriented riding position. With the integration of the front and rear brake lights and integrated bell, the RadMission is ready to ride. This model comes with mounts for the addition of a kickstand, fenders, and racks from Rad Power.

3. Lectric XP 2.0 Foldable Electric Bike $949

The Lectic XP 2.0 is one of the best valued and most comfortable folding-electric bikes on the market. The bike is equipped with a 500-watt motor, (850-watt peak power) paired with a 48v/9.6ah battery. The XP 2.0 offers 5 levels of assist, a top speed of 28mph, and a range of up to 48 miles. The 3.0-inch-wide balloon tires coupled with the 50mm of travel from the hydraulic front suspension offers enough comfort for all-day riding on-road and on-trail. 

The Lectric XP 2.0 comes equipped with front and rear lights, fenders, and a rear rack with a weight capacity of 75 lbs. This model is on the heavier end of the scale at 74 lbs, but the folding capability allows for storage into a car, RV, or boat making it a great choice for travel. This model also comes in a low-step frame making it an ideal e-bike for new riders or riders with hip or knee injuries.

4. Heybike Cityscape Commuter $799

The Cityscape is an upright, comfortable electric bike equipped with a 350W motor and a 36V battery that can be locked to the frame. This model offers speeds of up to 19mph and a range of up to 25-40 miles and a charge time of 5-6 hours. 

The Cityscape Commuter comes with an electric horn, front and rear lights, kickstand, fenders, and rear rack rate for 100 lbs making this a bike that won’t require accessory add-ons. This model comes with three levels of pedal assist, a thumb-lever throttle, and a moderate-sized display which includes readings for odometer, speedometer, battery capacity, and wattmeter. 

The total weight for the Cityscape Commuter is just shy of 67 pounds so it won’t be winning awards in that department. However, where it does shine is in its simplicity and comfort which are two main points for many riders new to electric bikes. The swept-back bars allow for even smaller riders to easily control the front of the bike. And the wide suspension saddle plus the wide comfort grips make it very comfortable to ride. The bottom line is it’s easy to use, is suitable for riders 5’3-6’3, and is easy to mount given the low, step-through frame and it’s offered at an affordable price for many entering the electric bike market.

5. Xpirit Folding Bike $702

This 14” wheel, folding electric bike comes with a 250w brushless rear hub motor and a 36v 10.5ah battery. The Xpirit is capable of speeds up to 15.5mph and offers a range just shy of 19-25 miles and the removable battery charges within 5-6 hours.  The bike comes equipped with an integrated front and rear light plus rack and fenders. 

The 14” wheel size offers responsive handling to the steering and the equipped mechanical disc gives the rider confidence in slowing speeds and stopping. The Xpirit is easy to fold and stow away in a car or even take traveling in an RV or boat. We think this is another great electric folding bike for the beginner e-cyclist.

6. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 $649

The EB-5 is a class 2 folding electric bike equipped with a 250w rear hub motor that offers speeds of up to 15.5mph; an affordable option for electric for urban riding. The bike rides smoothly and the 14” wheels are very receptive to rider input. The frame is aluminum and is therefore lightweight at 37lbs. It also folds up small and easy and is optimal for transporting in a car or RV.

We know that there are many better-quality electric folding bikes available but the reason we chose this model was because of the ease of use for those new to electric bikes. We want to see more people on electric bikes, and we think an inexpensive model like the EB-5, will entice those who may have otherwise been deterred from e-biking due to affordability. 

7. GoTrax Shift S1 $625

GoTrax is a Texas-based company that aims to inspire everyone to experience and join the electric bike revolution. We think that mission statement has resulted in the Shift S1, which is not your typical electric folding bike. This aluminum frame folding bike comes with 16” wheels making it more comfortable on-road and path. This model comes with a 350W continuous geared front hub motor and a 36v, 5.2ah battery. The Shift S1 can reach speeds of 20mph, and the battery allows for a range of 15 miles. It comes with three levels of pedal assist and offers an easy-to-use thumb throttle and LED display.

The frame is aluminum and with battery included weighs in at 37lbs which is lighter than most electric folding bikes. The battery does not lock to the frame however, its size makes it easy enough to put in a backpack and even in your front pants pocket and it includes a USB port for charging your electronics.

The Shift S1 comes with v-brakes which is perfectly acceptable given the lightweight frame and small wheel diameter. While it doesn’t offer near the biggest battery on the market, nor the furthest range, the Shift S1 is optimal for those entering the electric bike market or who want a light, foldable electric bike. 

8. Swagtron Swaycycle Pro $529

Now hear us out, while no, this isn’t a pedal-assist electric bike, we’ve included it in our top ten list because it is a very practical and usable mobility-assist bike. We have seen many smaller and older riders with mobility issues ride and enjoy this electric bike. Some riders don’t have the ability or desire to turn a crank, but those folks can still reap the benefit of this compact, electric bike.

The Pro model features a sturdy frame capable of supporting a rider weight of 

264 lbs, travel at speeds of 12-18mph, and offers a range of 15.5 miles. Given the unique shape of this electric bike and the fact that no pedaling is required, the Pro can support riders of almost any size. Included in this model are front and rear lights and an electric horn as well as front and rear mechanical disc brakes. This foldable, 34lb scooter-like, the electric bike folds into an impressively small size making it easy to take on transit.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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