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iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 is one of the best electric bikes out there
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With its beautiful and stunning landscapes, Canada is one of the ideal places for e-bike riding. However, the best scenery potential that the country offers can only be extracted if you have the best electric bike. Canada boasts several different kinds of e-bike trails that riders of electric bikes can explore. If you are to try out riding a snowy, sandy, or mountainous route, you should have one of the best e-bikes in Canada that is able to handle difficult terrains. If you are looking for a mountain bike or an electric trail bike to explore the stunning off-road tracks of Canada, you have ended up at the perfect place.

iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0

The 3.0 version of the iGO Electric Core Extreme is the best electric trail bike. Canada and US dwellers can order it here. It is a fat bike that is equipped with features that are able to not only handle all kinds of e-bike trails but make your off-road riding experience more comfortable and fun. It has everything that an electric trail bike should have to ensure safe and enjoyable two-wheel riding.

iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 has amazing traction and float, thanks to its ultra-wide, 4.5″ tires. It is not just the width of the tires that makes them impressive, but its make as well. They are Gnarly Kenda Juggernaut that are known for masterfully maneuvering on sandy, snowy, rocky, or loamy surfaces by digging deep into them. Their knobs are spaced far apart and are much bigger than most of the other electric bikes available in Canada.

The splendid electric trail bike offers a low standover height, making it highly and easily approachable for all kinds of riders. iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0’s top tube is optimally sloped, and it has a downtube battery back that comes fully integrated, offering a lot of space at the mid-frame section that you can leverage to add a carriage bag. The bike’s frame is durably sturdy and is better-designed than its preceding 2.0 version. It is made up of aluminum alloy that is hydroformed. iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 is also equipped with powerful integrated lights, a rear rack, and alloy fenders that render it feature-full.

With powerful shock-absorption capability, iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 allows you to enjoy the beauty that surrounds the e-bike trails you ride. With peace of mind that your electric trail bike is able to handle almost all the bumps and obstacles that the path throws your way, you can allow yourself to be lost and get engulfed in the scenery along your trail. It has everything that electric bikes need to keep their riders secure in rain, mud, and snow, etc.

The aluminum alloy fenders iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 features are 110 mm wide and extremely sturdy. The engineers that worked on it ensured that its rear rack does not collide with its saddle when the bike is at lower positions, regardless of the weight you put on the rack or its pannier hangings. The e-bike also comes with a set of bottle cage bosses that you can fix on the seat tube to carry mini pumps, folding locks, other accessories, or liquids.

iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0’s drivetrain is impressive as well, being 8-speed and a step up from the base. It brings to use a cassette that is plated with nickel and has a tooth spread of 11 – 34. The electric trail bike boasts extremely powerful mechanical disc brakes that have an integrated bell and uses big rotors that are 180 mm in size. What is more is that they have levers that are rubberized at their top-end, keeping your fingers from freezing in the cold. The levers are also integrated with motor inhibitors, providing the riders with additional safety.

Some other important features of one of the best e-bikes in Canada include:

iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 is one of the best e-bikes in Canada

  • The angled stem, as well as the seat post, are adjustable, catering to different body types and sizes.
  • The stiffness of the diamond frame provides great control and maneuverability for trail riding.
  • The electronics access port at the bottom bracket is designated for compartmentalizing wires and the battery controller keeping the battery from getting hot and making replacing the controller easy. It also makes the outlook of the electric trail bike sleeker and additional battery packs much more cost-efficient.
  • The cadence sensor of iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 is 32 pulse and highly durable as well as responsive. It is also encased inside the electronic access port, keeping it from getting bumped.
  • Pre-load and lock-out options of the suspension fork allow the riders to reduce bobbing on paved surfaces.
  • The short reach enables the riders of the e-bike to feel more commanding and in control with an upright body posture.
  • iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 is equipped with a chainring guard that is made of aluminum alloy and sturdily protects the chainring from bashes.
  • The battery is easily removable, allowing you to reduce 7 pounds of weight if you have to lift the e-bike for any reason. Plus, you can charge the battery on the bike as well as off it.
  • The 38 tooth chainring is small, allowing for more power when climbing steep hills.
  • The battery charge port and locking cylinder are placed on the opposite side of the drivetrain, keeping them from damaging when you lay the bike down on the ground.
  • The frame and the battery can be connected without a key. With a solid feel and a loud click sound, you know that it is secured.
  • The display is very user-friendly, with just four buttons.
  • The e-bike has nine assist levels.
  • All nine assist levels offer a throttle override on-demand with full power.
  • The throttle can be easily removed to transform the bike to Class 1.
  • A quick-release connector allows you to remove the front wheel in a matter of a few seconds.
  • The wire connectors are all color-coded, offering almost everyone the ability to disconnect the bike themselves.
  • There is also a derailleur guard on the bike that effectively protects the power cable and the derailleur.

iGO Electric is one of the top brands to manufacture electric bikes. They have been in the market since 2006 and are responsible for introducing some of the best products within the sphere. iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 currently holds a price tag of $2,499 CAD, which makes it extremely cost-efficient against the value that the product offers. iGO offers a comprehensive warranty on the electric trail bike of two years.

The total weight of the e-bike is 33.52 kgs or 73.9 pounds. It comes with aluminum alloy, 36-hole double wall black rims, and stainless steel black spokes. The motor is 750-watts with an 80 Nm torque offering. The maximum range of the bike on a single battery charge can get you through and back most of the e-bike trails in Canada. The bike has a top speed of 20 miles per hour. You can order it here.

iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 is Canada’s best electric trail bike. Canada has many jaw-dropping e-bike trails to offer to electric trail bike and mountain bike riders. However, not all of them offer a difficulty level that all electric bikes can handle.

Some of the top e-bike accessories that go great with iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 are:


kyleOwner at - EbikeWizard

I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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