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Trek Rail 9 is the best electric trail bike in the UK
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Since March 2020, the sales of electric bikes in the UK have increased by a whopping 60%. If we talk about the e-bike categories that are most popular in the region, electric mountain bikes are among the most desired ones. As more and more people in the UK realize the benefits of electric bikes, and their availability is fast becoming more widespread, electric trail bike sales are predicted to maintain their upward trend. But for those looking to buy the best electric trail bike there is in the UK, Trek Rail 9 is the bike they want to be looking at.

Trek Rail 9

Had you searched the internet for the best electric trail bike in the UK until a couple of months ago, it is unlikely that you would have found many reviews for Trek Rail 9. The reason for that is that the manufactured units were selling so quickly off the floors of e-bike shops that Trek was not able to send some for testing and reviewing.

The 2021 updates the product has been made to undergo are some of the most powerful ones out there, making it the most capable and the best electric trail bike in the UK. Currently priced at £6,300, the product offers significant additional value against its price tag. It has a total weight of 23.92 kg and exceptional stability on all kinds of terrains. Its mega traction offering is one of its kind, and the highly-smooth performance of its suspension is something that most e-bike riders would not have previously experienced.

The motor of Trek Rail 9 is a highly responsive and powerful Bosch. The product’s original version was launched in 2020. Trek is a highly credible and popular brand in the UK, and Rail is its premium product that was introduced to compete with all the electric mountain bikes out there. It has a 625Wh battery that is integrated into the bike’s downtube and provides the bike with a long travel range. The best electric trail bike in the UK has solid wheels that are 29″ and a robust fork that is 160 mm.

Trek Rail 9 gets powered with 85 Nm torque, making the steepest of mountains feel easy to climb. It is really a beast when it comes to performance. The 2020 version was modest by no means or in any category, but the amazing changes that Trek equipped the bike with this year simply and swiftly made it the best choice for every UK e-bike rider. Not many electric bikes can compete with Trek Rail 9 in any component, and no electric trail bike can offer it an even close competition with respect to its overall offerings.

The manufacturers of electric trail bikes usually adorn their products with the ability to handle challenging terrains and let the agility factor take a backseat in the process. However, Trek did no such thing and engineered Rail with utmost agility and ‘Get out of the way’ speed. It has a fully balanced geometry, and its motor does not take a moment to offer you a boost as soon as you stall. The sensors of the bike are super responsive, and the motor’s overrun provides the ride with brief assistance when you bring your pedalling to a halt, making jumping over fallen trees or huge steps an easy task. Compared to Shimano, the motor is simply smarter and more powerful, allowing for some amazing new possibilities to be at your disposal.

Trek Rail 9 is not just about being one of the most powerful or slackest electric mountain bikes out there. It is also about being easy to live with and having a super simple user interface. Its integrated battery can be easily removed and swapped within seconds. If you have an electric trail bike, it most probably has its battery insertion hole under its down tube. This usually means bending down and seeking holes to put the keys through while trying your best to catch the battery before it hits the floor.

However, being extremely innovative, Trek has a window cut on the side to allow easy removal and installation of the battery. Furthermore, the battery is protected with a protective cover and also has a carry handle. The bike has the sleekest of designs and looks pretty much like a linebacker that is two-wheeled. Its down tube and head tube are thick and highly durable, while its Alpha Platinum alloy frame is one of the most robust out there. The advanced and most modern tech that Trek Rail 9 is embellished with is not at all modest. Thru Shaft that makes for the suspension to be sensitive and highly supple, Straight Shot, Knock Block, Mino Link, and ABP are just some of the bike’s tech highlights that you can notice from its outlook.

Trek Rail 9 is the best electric trail bike in the UK

The performance-enhancing tech is hidden in its intricate details. Its display unit is highly advanced, and its brake rotor is attached with a magnet. It also has a speed sensor that is hidden from sight.

The chassis has high stiffness offering a ride that is unflinching in even the most uneven of situations. The nature of the ride of the bike is rock solid, amplifying the overall riding experience of the electric trail bike. The air volume is significantly larger than most of the other electric mountain bikes available in the market, allowing for relatively lower pressures. The mid-stroke support that the e-bike offers is generous, and the small bump sensitivity it provides is impressive. It has a Thru Shaft damper that is F1-derived, and its rod passes through the shock body. This alleviates the requirement of an internal floating piston that is pressurized, giving way to a sensitive damping circuit.

The bike allows for a straight body posture and an extremely comfortable ride. When you are riding the Trek Rail 9, you feel like you are in complete control even when the trail obstacles are trying their best to hinder your overall experience. The head tube of Trek Rail 9 is short, allowing for the better part of the rider’s weight to be over the front end of the bike. The e-bike’s dropper post is 170 mm and plays at a full extension that is easily noticeable.

The typical conditions in the UK are soft, demanding appropriate bite from the tires. Regardless of if the trail you are riding is dry, hard, wet, or snowy, the tread and traction of the tires of Trek Rail 9 support you in a manner that the best electric trail bike in the UK should. Furthermore, the product is equipped with a 52t sprocket, a praise-worthy Eagle drivetrain, and an adequately sized 36t chainring.

The overall performance of the Trek Rail 9 makes it one of the best electric mountain bikes in the UK. For anyone in the region looking for the best electric trail bike out there, it is definitely a major option to consider. The electric trail bike comes with a standard 220-240 V charger, but if you are looking for e-bike battery chargers with long lives, here are some of our best picks for electric bikes battery chargers and e-bike batteries:

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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