6 Best Fast Electric Bikes You’ll Love

Best Fast Electric Bikes

Are you looking for the really best fast electric bikes that you’ll love? Then you must read this article to find out the right one!

There are many options when it comes to speedy eBikes, including eBikes that are both pedal-assisted (pedelec) and those that are throttle-based. For newbies, pedelec bikes are pedal-assisted, which means you get a good workout helping the motor turn and power – like a human wind turbine if you will. The average pedelec bike can reach up to 15 miles per hour (Class 1), and others can top 28 miles per hour in assisted mode (Class 3). Throttle-based e-bikes are powered entirely by the motor itself and it is almost like riding a bike with no hands (“look mom!”), but rather without legs. Given that it is motor-driven, the maximum speed is around 20 miles an hour. This is considered a Class 2.

Here are six top picks for the really best fast electric bikes:

1. HyperScrambler 2

This eBike has a “Race Track Mode.” Yes, you read that right. Race Track Mode. One of the fastest in the Juiced Bikes lineup, the HyperScrambler 2 has the option on the LCD display that can override the standard twenty-eight miles per hour and go above and beyond 30 miles per hour with pedal assist. With two 52V 19.2Ah batteries and twist-throttle power, you could do laps around the competition and outlast even the toughest stragglers.

The HyperScrambler 2 has puncture-resistant tires, so you know you’ll never need a pit crew in the middle of an adventure. Also included is a Retroblade motor and eight speed transmission. Weighing in at 119 pounds fully loaded and ready to race, this pedelec combines speed with a lightweight feel. And did we mention that it has a range of over 100 miles! But of course, rider safety is a top priority as well for the HyperScrambler 2, with sideview mirrors, brake lights, and turn signals to keep you riding safely. Price: $3,499.

2. Shelby

Like the classic Ford Shelby Mustang that the name and design are based off, the Shelby by Vintage Electric Bikes is sure a contender for the fastest eBike. Condensing the beloved car to a streamlined eBike is no easy feat, but it can be done! While it doesn’t come with a pre-set Race Mode, that feature can be added, and you can reach up to 36 miles per hour! The featured battery contains 48V 23.4Ah of power.

In street mode, the Shelby can reach up to a 75-mile range, but the battery only takes 4.5 hours to charge up and be ready for more in a short period of time. The tires are guarded by Kevlar and are even thorn-resistant. So given that Kevlar can stop bullets, it can stand a fang or two without being deflated.

Weighing in at 86 pounds, this cobra is ready to strike! Given its thumb-throttle and five power modes, you can charm this thing for your next adventure! As an added bonus, the hydraulic disc brakes regenerate the venom in the battery, allowing you to ride even farther. Price: $7,249

3. Elby S1 9-Speed

The Elby S1 9-Speed may be small, but it sure is mighty! The nine-speed transmission allows for you to switch up and offers single speed options as well. The throttle has 4 levels of pedal assist and four levels of regeneration, so you can keep jamming out and riding through the world. If done right, you could probably increase the “maximum” miles per hour speed to the high 20s and the 48V battery can take you up to 80 miles in whatever direction you choose on a full charge.

The tires feature reflective sidewalls, so you can pedal without worrying about your visibility. Speaking of visibility, the bike color itself is of note! The options are orange, blue, black, silver, and white, so you will definitely be riding in style. This eBike weighs 55 pounds, which is by far the lightest on our list, but don’t count it out! The Elby makes up for it with the capacity to charge the battery in four hours flat, and (by far a perk!) it is Bluetooth compatible. This eBike can keep you jamming through your whole adventure! Price: $2,999. This is from one of the really best fast electric bikes.

4. Freedom X

Welcome Freedom X, the eBike from Wing, to the party. This bike comes in at 40 pounds, but is packed with power and speed! And because everyone will be jealous of you riding it, the Freedom X comes with an alarm system to deter unwanted test-drivers. Ranging up to 60 miles per charge and a maximum speed of around 25 miles per hour, this eBike gives you…well, freedom, as the name suggests!

With a 36v 8.8/10/14Ah battery that boosts up with a four-hour charge, the Freedom X is ready when you are wanting an adventure. With a custom LCD display and a seven-speed transmission, the Freedom X can really do it all. By far the most attractive feature is the design is built with the rider in mind. A comfortable ride starts with ergonomic curve handlebars and goes through to the tires (which are puncture resistant), so you know that you won’t be needing a break to stretch! Price: $1,498.


The SUPER73-SI is super for a reason. This eBike from the name-bearing company SUPER73 is a rugged cruise for when you want to be exploring new heights and areas. The tires are good in all terrains, making this eBike the perfect companion for some light off-roading adventures. And with the included cargo rack, there’s nothing stopping you from booking that day trip!

A 768-watt-hour battery makes this an ideal ride and coming in as a throttle-based eBike the SUPER73-SI is a Class 2, with a top speed of 20 miles an hour. With the power of the battery and the capability to fly without pedaling, you’re practically a superhero on this ride. Fortunately, though, you don’t need superhero strength for this super ride—the SUPER73 weighs only 70 pounds. With a nice LCD display and hydraulic disc brakes, it is nothing but super sailing and cruising with this eBike!

6. Pace 350

This eBike from Aventon is also a Class 2 eBike—topping out at 20 miles per hour. However, the seven-speed transmission and the five levels of pedal assist are sure to make for one fast riding experience. This eBike can also throttle from a full stop in an impressively short amount of time.

The 36V 11.6Ah battery with a 4-hour charge time can take you the distance! On average, the Pace 350 has a 40-mile range. The LCD display has a backlight, so you’ll always be able to read it. The mechanical disc brakes make for a smooth stop, and you know you won’t be going over the (ergonomic grip) handlebars anytime soon.

Weighing at just 46 pounds, the Pace 350 can take you anywhere, and you it! With a comfortable wide seat, this eBike keeps you comfortable for the long haul. And when you’re relaxed, you enjoy the view and maybe even smell the roses!

Did you find this article helpful to find the really best fast electric bikes?

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Jason has owned an ebike for 3 years and loves them for many reasons - mostly because they offer low cost, energy efficient, and emission-free transportation which also has physical and health benefits.

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