Busting Myths About Electric Bikes

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

Electric bikes (Ebikes) are becoming more popular by the day. Ebike’s have become something you would see only in big cities to now in every town. Ebike’s have become more popular to the masses due to the affordability and how flat out fun they are. You can now jump on an ebike and get to your destination without having to sit in traffic or deal with the ever increasing gas prices. Ebike’s are predicted to only continue to grow in popularity. With all of the attention on the ebike industry a lot of misconceptions and myths have been spreading.

Since it is still a new concept, people tend to believe everything that they hear. So we have decided to choose some of the most common myths and provide answers to your questions in the hope of giving some clarity.

Myth 1: Electric Bikes Have High Speeds

The fact is, e-bikes have almost the same speed as regular bikes. A class-1 electric bike motor cuts off after 20mph speed is achieved. The speed at which an electric bike travels depends more on the amount of pedaling than anything else. Class 1 e-bikes travel faster than traditional bicycles on flat and uphill surfaces, but an e-bike might be slower than a conventional bike on different terrains. If a rider can provide enough power, a regular and an e-bike can easily have comparable speeds, only with a slight advantage of motor assistance in electric bikes.

Myth 2: E-Bikes Are Too Heavy to Handle

While regular bikes weigh lighter than electric bikes, e-bikes are not too heavy to handle either. Since they have motorized systems installed in them, they tend to feel a little heavier to the rider. An electric bike may weigh up to 40-50 pounds maximum due to the additional weight of the electronic components, but with assistance, they are just as easy to handle as any other ride. On average, the minimum weight of an e-bike is the normal average weight of a regular bike.

Myth 3: You Need a Driver’s License

Even though the e-bike design consists of a motorized system, the assistance is restricted. So the electric bikes are still classified as a bicycle and don’t need a driver’s license. Most states allow e-bike riders to use the regular bike trails, busting any myths about their recklessness and safety. There haven’t been any reports of unsafe e-bike riders turning the trails into a zoo due to their unsafe riding methods, so it’s safe to say that riding an e-bike is just as safe as a conventional bicycle.

Myth 4: E-Bikes Are Unsafe

While some DIY versions of the electric bike may be inconsistent in their performance and results, most electric bike manufacturers run their products through vigorous testing. This ensures a smooth import or export of these rides, complying with the EU standards and regulations. E-bikes also have extra safety features installed to make them an ideal ride for people of all ages, including the maneuverability offered by the availability of pedal assistance. This makes it possible to avoid accidents and gives the riders easy control.

Myth 5: Electric Bikes Are Unhealthy

Most people, especially the older generation, tend to believe that an electric bike is an easy way out of the exercise that regular bikes provide and makes people lazy. So e-bikes are considered cheats by health-conscious people. But the fact is, an hour pedalling on an e-bike provides the same amount of exercise as does an hour’s ride on the regular bike. The only difference is, an e-bike rider can travel a longer distance during this time and has way more fun because of the empowering system installed in their bike.

Myth 6: E-Bikes Need Specialist Care

Like every other motorized ride, electric bikes do need to be taken care of. They require regular servicing and active care about where and how they are parked. None of the care tips involves a specialist or an expert’s help. These are simple tips and tricks that anyone with a sense of responsibility can take care of to increase their battery’s life cycle.

In case of wear and tear or regular servicing, there are always professionals available at a call to help you get rid of the problem.

Myth 7: E-Bike Riders Are Reckless

We can assure one thing with much certainty that an e-bike ride will increase acceptance and help you bust this myth in your mind. E-bike riders have complete control over their bikes, and with pedal assistance and brakes, they can just as easily handle road trips as regular bike riders. There haven’t been any reports of accidents caused by e-bike riders as they share a trail or off-road routes with other people or walkers in some areas. In fact, they smoothly ride through crowds without any observed clashes or crashes.

Myth 8: They Can Leave You Stranded in a Deserted Area

While e-bikes run on battery power, it is unnecessary to think of them as unreliable rides. Like every other thing, an electric bike ride has risks attached to it. But self-reliance and proper preparation can help riders from getting stranded in far-away places. Some riders are even known to carry an extra smaller battery with them for longer commutes in case of accidents or battery malfunction on the way.  

Myth 9: The Technology Is New and Unstable

On the contrary, the electric bike market has skyrocketed in the past decade. Manufacturers have come up with new designs, better features, and even children-friendly collections. With top manufacturers in the game, you are now likely to find an electric bike store closer to your home than you could a few years ago. It has also become increasingly popular with the younger generation, so every time you walk out on the road, you are likely to observe at least one e-bike sailing on the road. With enough research of about five years to its credit, the electric bike technology is no longer new to the market and can be accepted without any reservations.  

Myth 10: Their Upkeep Is Bank Breaking

The truth is, it’s the initial investment in an electric bike that requires a huge chunk of money. But if you invested smartly, you can get yourself an e-bike that will last you for years. The technology in an e-bike, the batteries, and the design are all designed to make traveling easier for urban travelers, so let’s be fair. We would much rather invest in a good e-bike that is slightly more expensive than a regular bike but provides comfort and ease unlike it. Its manufacturing may cost a lot, but the upkeep is pretty simple. You may need to change your battery every few years if you use it aggressively, but otherwise, we think the investment is worth it with good care.

That said, e-bikes are the future, and we hope that with these myths busted, you will want to make a smart choice and invest in one as well. If you do, check out all these wonderful options and get your hands on the one that suits you the best. 

kyleOwner at - EbikeWizard

I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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