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Before buying your e-bike, remember to do thorough research to make an informed buying decision.
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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

Electric bikes or e-bikes have evolved over the past few years. These motor-integrated bikes require less human effort and are a low-maintenance transport option which is best for people who cannot afford pricier vehicles for their transport needs. As long as you have a detailed electric bicycle buying guide to refer to, it can be much easier to find a bike that works best for you.

Let’s face it, with unemployment rates on the rise, inflation at an all-time high, buying a car is something not many of us can afford to do. However, highly-priced vehicles and transport have always been one of the most significant issues people face in every era. Thankfully, e-bikes have come to the rescue. Electric bikes are affordable and unlike what many people think, still feature conventional peddles, making them an ideal option for people looking for budget transport that also helps them stay physically active. Our guide to buying electric bikes can help you find the best option out there. We review all bikes based on various factors like performance, comfort and price to give you expert mountain bike buying tips.

There are various features that electric bikes offer for people’s convenience and needs. Electric bikes have different categories, and they are designed for multiples purposes. Some top e-bike features are:

  • They are pocket-friendly
  • The are highly energy-efficient
  • They featyre rechargeable batteries
  • They can have top speeds of 25-32 km/h, and some can even go up to 45km/h.
  • They are integrated with electric motors

There are several other benefits of catering to your needs by using e-bikes.

These categories can further be divided into many more as today people can buy any e-bike according to their needs and desire. You can find all the details in this article if you’re looking for the perfect electric bike for yourself.

The designs and features of e-bikes have evolved, and now, every e-bike is critically designed for a different purpose and with distinct features for people’s convenience.

E-Bikes Have Become More Popular In The Past Few Years

Due to the features and convenience that e-bikes offer, they have grown popular during the past couple of years in many world regions.

In 2010, electric bikes took over the market in China, and people went on to buy these like crazy. Electric bikes have replaced some major vehicles in China, and since then, e-bikes are ruling the streets of the largest country due to their low-cost, environment-friendly, and low maintenance qualities.

It was discovered a few years back that more than 700 manufacturers were selling electric bikes and e-bikes made a profit of more than $35 million alone. It became a massive business with a great success rate but without any validation from the Chinese government. Its success was evident because it catered to common people’s needs, and People were inclined to buy e-bikes for their ease and comfort.

In 2013, e-bikes became the center of attention in Germany. E-bikes replaced all the regular bicycles in Germany, and today, Germany has the largest market for e-bikes. All other bikes and cycles are long forgotten in Germany except for a few, which is just due to some people’s preference. 

Things You Must Consider While Buying An E-Bike

You should look for an e-bike which caters to all your needs. Here are some options which you can go through to find an electric bike that suits you or fits you:

  • An affordable e-bike must not be too heavy on your pocket/budget. Some expensive e-bikes are expensive, but you can always get an e-bike at affordable rates. E-bikes have a wide variety and range from high to low prices according to their features and design.
  • Get a power-efficient one.
  • You can get either one that needs peddling or one that has a throttle option. It will work like a multi-feature e-bike that can be used in both ways whenever needed.
  • Try to buy an electric bike that supports high-tech batteries, which is a bit more expensive nonetheless more reliable and durable.
  • When it comes o design, you are surely spoiled for choices in electric bikes and each is unique in its own way.
  • You must look for an e-bike that doesn’t need to be repaired every now and then because this is time-consuming. It will also cost a lot. And the whole point of buying an e-bike is to avoid expensive transport or commute.
  • Before buying, figure out your preference because there are numerous designs and features that you can find in different electric bikes. It ranges from an average e-bike to an advanced e-bike which leads to price fluctuations as well.
  • You can opt for an e-bike of any shape or size you like. Electric bikes are available in the market in plenty of sizes and shapes, making them more irresistible and eye-catching.
  • If you don’t need an e-bike for a long commute, you might opt for a peddle assisting e-bike, which would be great for your health and fitness as well. You can use it for cycling purposes and even ride it to nearby places for grabbing breakfast or running errands.

Why E-Bikes Are Eye-Catching For People

Over the last few years, e-bikes are highly demanded by people from every corner of the world. Back then, when e-bikes were introduced with new features, many people were unaware of how valuable e-bikes were. Today, e-bikes are widely known for their low-cost and low maintenance features, which has positioned e-bikes as huge business success worldwide.

There are multiple modes of transport that people can opt for but either they are too expensive or they are too useless. Even regular bikes or bicycles can not match the features of an e-bike. 

However, if you begin to look for an e-bike, you might get confused due to its extensive availability in the market. But it will become a lot easier for you to choose the best option for yourself after reading this article.

E-bikes range from a regular peddling bike to an advanced e-bike with multiple features, so their prices also vary. 

In essence, e-bikes can be classified into two major categories:

  • Pedal-assist

This type of electric bike needs peddling, but it supports peddling by the integrated motor. Thus, it reduces human effort.

  • Throttle only

Throttles in e-bikes work exactly like motors in standard motorcycles. You just have to kick it once to start it, and the throttle working in the electric bike tackles the rest. You don’t have to peddle it or put in some effort; you can just sit and enjoy a free ride as you do on other regular bikes. But you get all this at affordable rates.

In addition to all this, another significant feature of electric bikes, which people find very useful and convenient is that to use an e-bike, you don’t need a license, you don’t need insurance, and it doesn’t require any kind of registration while buying or after buying the e-bike.

To sum it all up, e-bikes are replacing some major vehicles which people were using for ages. They are highly popular today and are best for people who can not afford expensive cars or motorbikes. You can choose to buy an e-bike whenever and wherever you want.

kyleOwner at - EbikeWizard

I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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