CHEETAH CAFÉ RACER Review (The Merlin Report)

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This article entails the Cheetah Cafe Racer review with the Merlin report card.

The “Cheetah” Fat Tire Cruiser E-Bike by REVI BIKES is a head-turner. It is a wonderful piece of equipment with awesome power and performance stats but the first thing we must address is how tough it looks. If you suffer from low T, this might be the answer. Riding this around town will get you noticed. You might feel like Steve McQueen in the movie “The Great Escape”. Yes, that cool. You can mistake this e-bike for an actual motorcycle. After riding this e-bike I and the boys started calling it an E-Hog.


The “Cheetah” is classified as a class 3 e-bike. The cheetah can reach a max speed of 28 MPH. There is no mistaking the torque and power that it provides. You can jump on and hit the throttle and go for a ride. It is a rush. The first thing you might notice is how comfortable the ride is. The Cheetah is equipped with a fat seat.

The seat has built-in springs to help absorb bumps and helps provide a smooth ride. Also, the e-bike was built with fat 26” tires that help to ensure you will enjoy your ride. The handlebars come where you can adjust for your comfort. They come with leather-covered handle grips that are also surprisingly comfortable. The LED headlight (400 lumens) comes to stock and is very bright as well. It will come in handy riding at night. The e-bike was designed with macho bravado but also with the comfort of a Cadillac.

Quick Facts

Revi Bikes Warranty:  1 Year ComprehensiveBattery Type: Samsung Lithium-ion
Riders Height Range: 5’3 to 6’4Battery Capacity: 48V 13Ah/17.5Ah
Max Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.Range Per Charge: (13Ah battery): 35 Miles
Top Speed: 28 MPH on throttleRange Per Charge: (17.5Ah battery): 45 Miles
Motor: 48V 750W – 1000WCharging Time: 4 – 6 Hrs.
Weight: 75.8 lbs with batteryRange Per Charge: (13Ah battery): 35 Miles
Brakes: F/R Hydraulic Disc BrakesRange Per Charge: (17.5Ah battery): 45 Miles
Tires:  26” 4.0″ Fat TiresShift: 7 Speed SHIMANO™


The bike comes 85% pre-assembled. The assembly is easy. Even someone that is not mechanically inclined can have it out of the box and assemble it in 30 minutes. The hardest part of putting the bike together is getting the handlebars on correctly for your height comfort.


The Cheetah comes in 2 different colors, Night Black with Leather and Platinum Gray. Depending on who you buy the bike through you can get upgraded to have the attachments included. The attachments are front and rear tire fenders, rear tire rack with light, leather saddlebags, headlight protector, and e-bike lock.


Things I didn’t like about the bike is that chain can come off sometimes when in high gears, which is a buzz kill. The bike is heavy, close to 80 lbs. This can be problematic if you run out of battery juice and you have to pedal home. It is not easy to peddle. The last complaint is there is no water bottle/beer holder or a good place to install one.


Harley Davidson meets an electric bike. The bike is without a doubt one of the coolest looking bikes out there. Looks aren’t the only thing that gets our respect. The Cheetah e-bike is built really well and has plenty of torque and power to back up the ascetics of the class 3 e-bike. Then the comfort of the ride takes us to the part of the review where we know we got a good product. The only part of the review that we thought didn’t add up was the price. On it was listed for $2,699.00 and felt the price point was a little high. The weight was also heavier than we would have liked. If your a smaller framed individual it might be hard to handle.

Merlin Report Card

Total 16 out of 20
(1 * lowest 5 highest *****)

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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