E-Bikes are All the Rage for the Good Reason. Here’s What to Look for

E-bikes are All the Rage

This article will briefly entail the reasons we believe E-bikes are All the Rage that made it such a popular mode of transportation in 2021.

With the pandemic still rising, commuting via public transport and Uber is being strictly avoided worldwide. As a result, people have been looking for alternative options of personal transportation and what could be better than something that provides the ease and comfort ride of motorized transport and gives the consumers immense joy and health benefits during these stressful times.

Hence, the e-bike revolution that the world has witnessed in 2021.

Since most of us have been homebound throughout this year, bike riding has become a source of joy for most, providing an excuse to go out and enjoy the fresh air, beating the laziness that has taken over during the lockdown. But with this joy come leaden legs, tired arms, distance, and wind. All of which can be very discouraging. Never mind, Enter the world of electric bikes, or e-bikes as they are popularly called.

These are regular bikes with an added electrical drive system that has the advantage of added components like a battery, sensors, motor, and controls to assist during the ride. Let’s read why E-bikes are all the rage?

1. Eco-friendliness

These motorized vehicles leave little to no carbon imprint on mother Earth, unlike the fuel-burning alternatives in the form of cars, etc., since they run on electrically powered batteries. For the same reason, they are whisper-quiet and cause no noise pollution even when performing at full power.

2. Health Benefits

E-bikes raised concerns when they were first launched because they were expected to perform like a motor scooter, giving zero health benefits to the rider. Thankfully, over the years, research has proved that riding an e-bike is no different than riding a regular bike. Both require pedaling, and the levels of electrical assistance on an e-bike can be adjusted according to the amount of workout one is willing to do. Hence, it is a healthier alternative to public transport or cars.

3. Speed

In the motor-assistance mode, an e-bike can go up to 15.5 miles an hour, which is double the speed of a car during rush hour. So people living in big cities happily switch to this alternative for their daily commute, to avoid traffic congestion on the roads. And for people who love the adrenaline rush that speed gives, an e-bike can go up to 30 miles an hour but under your power since motor assistance is restricted.

4. Distance

Depending on the way you ride and the terrain, an e-bike can go up to 70 miles an hour with the same amount of effort that would push a regular bike to only 25-30 miles at a stretch making it more feasible for longer routes.

5. Range

An e-bike’s battery range lasts up to 2.5-8 hours on average. But here’s the fun part, even if you run out of battery power, you can still pedal your electric bike like a regular bike. Just a slightly heavier regular bicycle.

6. Inclined Roads

One of the main advantages of riding an electric bike is that it is much easier to ride on uneven terrain than motorized assistance. This also makes it an ideal ride for inclined roads or hills.

7. Maintenance

Unlike a regular bike, an e-bike doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, helping the owner save some bucks. It is also essential to note that repairing an electric bike is as easy as a regular bike if needed.

8. Customization

This is one of the biggest reasons why E-bikes are all the rage and are so popular among the young, and it lets you express yourself. With a wide range of choices among brands, models, colors, and specifications, one can customize their e-bike according to their needs and likings.

Hence, it is evident that riding an e-bike is very similar to riding a regular bike. The only difference is choosing a healthier, more eco-friendly, and motor-assisted alternative thanks to the developments in technology. So if you are considering investing in these wonder vehicles, take a look at all the range of options that you have before making a decision.


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