Electric Bikes for Hunting — Why Are They Best For it?


E-bikes for hunting are popular right now. They are a sturdy method of transportation that is not loud or distracting to nearby animals.

Many people imagine hunting as showing up to the hunting area in a truck and simply walking quietly or taking an ATV to find a nice perching spot to wait for prey. However, one of the most popular alternatives to that for hunters is an electric bike.

In the past, electric bikes were definitely not made for hunters because they were bulky and loud, but over time they have truly advanced into revolutionary new tools. Just in the last decade, motor and battery technology have improved exponentially, making electric bikes viable for hunting. 

Perhaps the main reason hunters utilize electric bikes is because it takes much less time to travel by electric bike than by foot. Hunters are able to venture deep into the woods much quicker than they would by walking. Also, since electric bikes require less effort then trudging through difficult terrain, hunters don’t sweat as much, meaning their scent is not left behind for the animals to detect.

Another major reason electric bikes are great for hunting is because they are much quieter and undetectable than ATVs, dirt bikes, and other noisy forms of transportation. Even an amateur hunter knows that noises and disruptions can scare away prey, so it is important to stay as quiet as possible. The motor on electric bikes is normally not nearly as loud as a gas engine, meaning less noise and more chance of successful hunts.

e-bikes for hunting

Simply stated, electric bikes allow hunters to cover more ground in less time while making less noise that could deter animals. Virtually all hunters know the disappointment of spotting an excellent target but accidentally going too slow and/or making too much noise that scares the animal away, so utilizing quick and quiet e-bikes can reduce the occurrence of this. 

Another great feature of electric bikes is that they require very little space compared to ATVs, trucks, or dirt bikes. They can fit on a bumper rack and are easily accessible, making transporting them relatively simple. Instead of needing to tow a different vehicle or get a trailer for one, e-bikes can easily be mounted on a rack and require no additional ties or restraints. 

Hunters with electric bikes also appreciate the trailer feature many of them have. Depending on the brand and model, electric bikes for hunting normally have either a front or rear rack that allows hunters to transport their gear and their kill onto the bike. These make it possible to tow out what they catch as opposed to dragging it or carrying it. This especially comes in handy for successful hunters who get great game, as some trailers for electric bikes can hold up to 200 pounds. 

Electric bikes are also easily fitted with lights, which is useful for hunters who like to go out at night. Many e-bike owners invest in solar panel-charging lights so they can charge during the day and provide sufficient illumination at night. Lighting attached to a bike also eliminates the need for hunters to manually handle a flashlight.

While electric bikes are not as simple as conventional bikes, they are still much less complicated than ATVs, dirt bikes, and other gas-fueled forms of transportation. Hunters who use electric bikes quickly find that maintenance on them typically isn’t as sophisticated as with other vehicles. Instead of dealing with carburetors, engines, and fuel, maintenance for an electric bike is not that different from a traditional bike. Replacing parts in an electric bike is typically cheaper and less complicated than a gas-powered vehicle.

Another great thing about electric bicycles for hunters is that most states don’t have age restrictions on who can ride them. Alternatively, of course, many areas prohibit minors from driving a motorcycle or ATV. This is great, say, for a dad who wants to take his young kids hunting. 

Electric bikes used for hunting are made with the utmost durability, so hunters do not need to worry even if their bikes’ batteries die. Since upscale e-bikes are made very well, hunters can still pedal their way around the woods quietly and skillfully without any motor assistance. Electric bikes for hunting purposes are normally some of the more heavy-duty ones, similar to a traditional mountain bike that is built to handle tough terrain. 

As with most things when it comes to hunting, be sure to check your local regulations for electric bikes. Various states have different rules, and some do not have any. Ironically, some park police use electric bikes themselves to sneak up on hunters disobeying the law and ticket them. Ultimately, if you are a hunter and you are looking for a quiet, reliable mode of transportation into your hunting area, an electric bike might be the best option for you.

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