Electric Bikes for Kids | 9 Reasons Why You Should Buy One

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

You might have seen an increasing number of electric bikes on the streets and wondered what the hype is about. Maybe you got one for yourself and are looking for a battery-operated bike for kids.

While buying an electric bike for a 10-year-old might not seem like the brightest idea at first, you’d be surprised at how beneficial it can be for them. Here are 9 reasons to buy an electric bike for kids.

1. More Family Time

Kids enjoy a highly connected life today. While keeping up with social media helps them know unimportant details of what their friends are up to, it results in excessive screen time.

You can spend more time with your kids by getting them an electric bike. For kids, everything comes down to if they’re having fun doing something, so you just have to make the time they spend with you as entertaining as possible.

2. Fitness

A WHO research indicates that children worldwide aren’t getting enough physical activity. What better way to get them out than getting them an electric bike?

Electric bikes are excellent because they offer assisted pedaling. This means that you don’t have to work as hard to get the bike moving, which lowers the barriers for children who don’t like exercising.

Additionally, the electric motor allows for faster acceleration with lesser strain on your kids’ knees. These reasons make e-bikes an excellent option for kids to use daily, whether they are going to school or a friend’s house.

3. Freedom

Getting an electric bike for kids can be helpful for you and your kids. By buying them an e-bike, you empower your kids to get to places that are further while decreasing the travel time required.

Getting your kids an electric bike for commuting allows them to do stuff without depending on you driving them around. This sense of autonomy can equip your kids to deal with all sorts of situations and gives them a sense of responsibility.

Plus, this means that you can spend time doing what you want without worrying about when you have to drop your kids off at their friend’s place. The other positive to this is that your children take this gesture as a sign that you trust them, thereby increasing their self-esteem.

4. Mental Health Benefits

Teens these days are more likely to suffer from mental illness than previous generations. With the increased information from social media and the rat race of putting on a show to be liked by others, kids tend to feel overwhelmed.

Increased instances of depression and anxiety coincide with the smartphone revolution and the lack of exercise. Buying your child an electric bike for kids can help resolve their symptoms because of the positive effects exercise has for improving mental health.

A bike ride is not only enjoyable, but the serotonin and dopamine that accompany a good workout can help elevate your mood. For some people, the fun of riding a bike, coupled with the sense of speed, acts as an instant mood booster.

Another vital element that contributes to mental illness is sleep. Many children struggle with irregular sleeping patterns that contribute to wonky routines that can lead to depression and cause them to burn out.

One way to overcome irregular sleeping patterns and fix your child’s circadian rhythm is to get them an electric bike for kids. Frequent biking can help drive down cortisol levels to keep stress to a minimum, improving cardiac health and sleep cycles.

As a child, establishing a routine is essential to keep up with school and develop healthy habits.

5. Enjoying the Open Air

Nothing beats riding out in nature and whooshing past the trees while breathing in the open air. On average, most American children spend between 4 to 7 minutes playing outdoors compared to an excess of 7 hours staring at a screen.

Buying an electric bike for a 10-year-old is a great way to get them to spend more time outdoors and give them a sense of responsibility of ownership. Taking care of the e-bike with your kid increases your time bonding with them and helps them follow a cleaning and maintenance schedule.

6. Stronger and Smarter

We all know about the physical benefits of exercise. You become faster, stronger, develop more stamina, and have better self-esteem.

However, exercise helps to make your kids smarter. Frequent exercise eliminates impulsive decisions, which means that your kids won’t throw as many tantrums.  Other benefits include improved memory and productivity and temper regulation.

7. Safer than a Regular Bike

All of us have that competitive edge when we are kids. Children feel the need to have to go faster than everyone else to prove that they can do better.

While riding a traditional bike, you need to exert more force to go fast. Doing so might cause the rider to stand up to pedal harder or lower their head, both of which can reduce the time you have your eyes on the road.

Buying an electric bike for kids can add more safety. Since it doesn’t need as much force to get off the line, and the motor assists in maintaining speed, you can focus on keeping your eyes on the road.

8. Improved Social Life  

Making friends as a kid can be difficult these days because everything is about Instagram follows for most of the younger generation. You can significantly improve your kid’s social life by deciding to invest in electric bikes for them.

If you and your friends all get an electric bike for kids, then it can be like a fun routine hangout for everyone.

9. Everyday Practicality

While they can be pricey, getting electric bikes for kids is an excellent investment in the long run. With a higher top speed and the lesser effort required to get them started, e-bikes are incredibly safe for your health and to ride in traffic.

An e-bike also gives you the ability to go to more places faster and with lesser effort than a conventional bike, thereby increasing its feasibility for commuting daily.

Additionally, getting your kid an e-bike can help them work towards a more sustainable future and make them more aware of their carbon footprint. Doing so can decrease traffic on the streets.

While battery replacements seem like an intimidating and considerable expense, electric bike batteries last for about 3 years, after which you can replace them. With the gas savings alone, an electric bike pays for itself within that time.

If you live in a hilly area with frequent strong winds, an e-bike is a better option than a traditional bike. An electric bike can go longer distances without tiring your kid out, allowing them to explore more when riding out with their friends.

What are You Waiting for?

With all the benefits associated with getting electric bikes for kids, there is no reason that you shouldn’t. E-bikes offer a solid workout coupled with a fun and practical experience that benefits everyone.

If you are considering getting your kid an electric bike for commuting, you should check out our top picks for the best electric bikes for kids. Remember, always be safe when you go for a ride, and wear a helmet!

Happy biking!

kyleOwner at - EbikeWizard

I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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