Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles: Pros & Cons

Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles 2

The Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles Industry is a godsend for people who don’t want to leave carbon traces in the world or are worried about the rising fuel costs. With the fast-paced developments in technology, the industry has continued to grow since its introduction, and all energy-efficient, eco-friendly, compact, and portable electric vehicles have only increased since then.

Though the advantages of owning an electric personal vehicle or devices like scooters and electric hoverboards are apparent, there are still a few areas that need more innovation for more people to embrace the concept of electric mobility. We have compiled a list of these pros and cons of Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles to make it easier for you to decide and embrace this new world of technology.


From the list of multiple advantages of owning personal electric transportation, these few are bound to convince you that you need to invest in an EV or electric vehicle as soon as possible:

1. Cut Down On Fuel Cost

With the oil prices constantly on the rise, electric vehicles provide a considerable advantage in the form of electrically charged batteries. Since electricity is cheaper than gasoline, electric transportation runs on 1/3rd of the cost of a regular vehicle. Even more, capital can be saved by being smart and installing solar panels at home to recharge your electric vehicle’s batteries as well as powering your home.

2. Eco-friendly

Vehicles usually get energy from gasoline through combustion that leaves greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, causing air pollution. By using batteries to power your vehicles, you not only help preserve a healthy environment but the consumption of fossil fuels is also reduced.

3. One-Time Investment

Electric vehicles require less maintenance, and even that is inexpensive. Unlike conventional cars, there is no need to frequently get the vehicle checked and maintained by paying bank-breaking bills. Electric personal transportation is a one-time investment plan with ease afterward for an extended period.

4. Reduced Noise Pollution

If you are one of those unfortunate humans who live beside a busy road, you will understand why this is such a huge advantage. Conventional car engines are noisy. Even the smallest engine’s humming can create a lot of noise pollution. But with practically whisper-quiet electric vehicles or EVs, it is possible to limit this noise pollution.

5. Shorter Commute Time

The EV drivers have the privilege of using the HOV lane any time of the day, and for people who live in areas with heavy traffic, this is god’s way of telling you how to save your commute time as well as your sanity.

Of ‘course, nothing is perfect, and personal electric transportation is no expensive. Here is a list of drawbacks that you might want to consider before venturing into the world of electric mobility.


1. Expensive Batteries

Electric vehicles may not make you high gasoline bills, but their batteries are expensive. Though a one-time investment, you might experience a bit of a shock when you look at the battery prices starting from $30,000 and creeping up to a whopping $70,000 for luxury transport.

2. Short-Range Vehicles

Although this is improving with the advancement of technologies, short-range keeps most consumers away from investing in electric mobility. Most electric transportation has a very short average that they can drive on a fully-charged battery.

3. Unavailability of Recharging Stations

The absence of these stations or their limited availability is a huge disadvantage, considering most vehicles don’t travel more than 60-80 miles before needing another recharge. With the unavailability of charging stations and a prolonged recharging process, Electric vehicles become a vast disadvantage when taken on longer journeys. Conventional cars save much more time in such a situation.

With the advancement of technology giving birth to numerous new types of electric vehicles every day and improving the current transportation, it is no wonder that the EV industry continues to grow despite these drawbacks. With more focus on portability and comfort, it is bound to take over the conventional sector soon. And when it does, we hope to see you in the line of people who made the intelligent decision of investing in this industry at the right time.


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