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1. Best bikes for city life: Blix (

Blix brand electric bicycles come with many advantages such as easy returns, free shipping, customer support lines, and a comprehensive warranty. These bikes are designed for riders living in the city with foldable options for easy storage, attractive and modern paint selections, and a cargo bike perfect for city deliveries.

Founded in Santa Cruz, California in 2014, Blix is growing quickly due to its offering’s clean look, powerful performance, and smart utility features. Blix emphasizes making short-distance travel more enjoyable and has a brand line for companies to make commercial deliveries sustainable. Their goal is to bring city streets to life by increasing accessibility, improving air quality, and helping communities become sustainable. Most popular models: beach-cruiser-styled Sol and folding bike Vika.

2. Best brand for off-roading: Specialized Bicycle Components (

Specialized is a brand of electric bicycles that was created by riders for riders and has been in the business since 1974. What sets this brand apart is not only the high-quality materials made for trail riding but also the company’s involvement in groups that advocate for the creation of public land usable by trail riders.

Each Specialized Turbo Electric Mountain Bikes possesses the same quality as their standard mountain bikes with the addition of smooth and powerful motors. With charge ranges of up to five hours and weights as light as 28 pounds, these electric mountain bikes are accessible for anyone looking for a boost on the trail. Top models include the lightweight Turbo Levo SL and Turbo Kenevo SL.

3. Most reasonably priced e-Bikes: Rad Power Bikes (

Rad Power Bikes is North America’s largest electric bike brand with a focus on creating e-bikes that are built for many different types of uses and priced for everyone. Founder Mike Radenbaugh began building electric bicycles in 2007 as a way to commute to high school and now runs Rad Power Bikes to bring accessibility of e-bikes to the masses. The mission at Rad Power Bikes is to offer an unrivaled customer experience which includes a 14-day trial and in-depth customer service support.

Rad Power Bikes sell all types of e-bikes for riders interested in off-road adventures and daily commuting alike. Top sellers include the RadRunner Electric Utility Bike and RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5.

4. Highest performing electric commuter bikes: Juiced Bikes (

The founders at Juiced Bikes are self-professed “performance-obsessed thrill-seekers” which explains why this brand of electric bikes is so well-loved. Juiced Bikes products focus on e-bikes that are faster and go farther than other brands while maximizing the efficiency of every mile traveled.

Another e-bike company based out of California, Juiced Bikes uses a direct-to-consumer distribution model that allows them to sell more affordable e-bikes. This company focuses on performance standards for range, quality, durability, affordability, and service support for the global electric bike industry. Top sellers include the CrossCurrent X: Ultimate Commuter Bike and CrossCurrent S2: Electric Commuter E-Bike.

5. Most user-friendly: Charge (

What sets Charge apart is the company’s willingness to identify barricades that prevent riders from joining the e-bike community and making changes to their designs that enable everyone to participate. Charge created folding handlebars and pedals to save space so those who live in small apartments can still store their e-bikes. They added additional lights to the frame and tires for added visibility on the road and developed a lightweight but durable aluminum frame that can withstand daily commutes on streets with potholes. The batteries are removable (and lockable!) so riders can recharge at home, work, or wherever is convenient to them. Check out the colorful City Electric Bike and Comfort Electric Bike.

6. Most accessible for any type of rider: Aventon (

Aventon’s mission is to empower everyone to ride bikes regardless of their age or ability. This brand of electric bike is passionate about the power bicycles have to change lives through freedom and mobility. Aventon e-bikes are also great because the affordability doesn’t compromise quality, durability, and comfort. These bikes are equipped with a powerful motor that propels riders faster and farther than traditional bikes. Top brands include the Aventure E-Bike and Pace 500.

7. Best price for the quality: Lectric E-Bikes (

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Lectric bikes has found success with its unique combination of affordability, portability, and comfort. A self-described design company at heart, Lectric runs on the philosophy that the product comes before profit. This brand sources its parts from only the most trusted names in the industry, ensuring that quality is never in question while keeping the bikes’ costs low.

These electric bikes are smaller than many other e-bike options and include a step-thru option for accessibility. At less than $1,000, Lectric e-bikes are an affordable way to ride into the electric bicycle community. The brand has three models to choose from, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

8. Most long-lasting electric bicycles: Evelo Electric Bicycles (

Founded by two brothers with experience in the Silicon Valley app transportation industry, EVELO focuses on creating products and relationships that last. EVELO prides itself on e-bikes that allow riders to see thousands of miles without degrading in quality which is why their products are backed by a 4-year, 20,0000-mile warranty. This warranty sets EVELO apart in the e-bike industry and is up to twice the coverage of other electric bicycle brands.

EVELO builds bikes designed for the long-haul using hand-selected parts and the best components available while keeping customers in mind. What makes EVELO bikes extra reliable is the Mid Drive Motor technology, Gates Belt Drive, and Enviolo CVT Drivetrain components. Top models include the Galaxy 500 with its compact frame design and Aurora Limited for comfort and reliability.

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