Merlin Report (RadRover 6 Plus)

The Merlin Report Card gives you a more detailed review as we test the products ourselves rather than relying on the functions and specifications of the electric bike.

We have a team of experts who review the product and provide their professional analysis to help you make a better purchase.

Today, we will be reviewing the RadRover 6 Plus. It is the latest release of the fat tire model. The 6th generation e-bike has a new frame design and cable routing improvements.


The performance of the RadRover 6 Plus is much better compared to its predecessors. The new geared-hub motor increases uphill capabilities, and the new hydraulic disc brakes give you more stopping power.

When we took this out for a ride, we could feel the power shift from the previous models. The previous models were not so stable when you rode them at high speeds. The RadRover 6 Plus, with its new frame, is much more stable at higher speeds.

Overall, performance-wise, we think this is by far the best RadRover and might even be the best fat tire e-bike in the market.


The new hydraulic brakes offer comfortable one-finger braking. This was extremely helpful when we took the e-bike off-road because you need a stronger grip on the handles.

The e-bike also has a large main display that is easy to read and has a separate control panel to the left of the handle that features bigger buttons that will be a blessing for older users.

The bike also features a step-through frame that increases accessibility and comfort. The new battery is placed more conveniently and does not get in the way.

Overall, the e-bike is quite comfortable due to the new frame, battery, and the ability of the saddle to go lower.


All the new features introduced in this model help give the electric bike a sleeker look. Fat-tire bikes look appealing due to their distinct design, but the RadRover 6 Plus combines heavy-duty with a sleeker design, making it more visually impactful than most of its counterparts.

To top it all off, it comes in a charcoal color which is our favorite. When we took the electric bike to the streets, we managed to get a couple of stares that proved that the bike does have a strong visual presence.


The RadRover 6 Plus stands at $1,999. Before we decide if the price is right for the product, we must look at the overall value that it offers:

Performance 5/5
Comfort 4/5
Appearance 3.5/5
Price 3/5
Final Score 4/5

The average price of electric bikes is somewhere around $1000 – $2000. Our overall rating shows that the RadRover 6 Plus is much better than the average e-bikes, making it worth its price.

This bike is a good choice for consumers who prefer power, comfort, and a strong road grip. Take the e-bike out for a spin and you will understand the power it offers.