Merlin Report

The Merlin Report Card is where we take the chains off the engineering department and let them out of the dungeon to get their hands dirty. Our engineer’s review physical products and apply working knowledge of electric bike principles and provide their professional analysis. They evaluate and rate products on 4 main topics:


Performance: Look for discrepancies that could affect design, performance, and safety. Is there a design failure? How does it run? Does it have enough power and torque for frame? Are the brakes strong enough for motor and weight of the operator?


Comfort: Is the product comfortable to operate?


Appearance: How does it look? Does the appearance create an emotional response?


Price: Take all previous categories into consideration and apply our proprietary calculations to come up with a price point for the product. Then review that number to the asking price.


Performance out of 5
Comfort out of 5
Appearance out of 5
Price out of 5
Total out of 20


We take pride in our analysis and want to earn your trust.