Delfast Top 3.0 ebike Review

Delfast Top 3.0

  This Report gives you a detailed breakdown of electric bikes from our team of engineers who test the product themselves. Unlike other electric bike reviews, we will be covering all the important factors related to e-bikes. Our engineers had the privilege to test the Delfast Top 3.0. The electric bike holds a Guinness World … Read more

RadRover 6 Plus Reveiw

RadRover 6 Plus Electric Bike

This Report gives you a more detailed review as we test the products ourselves rather than relying on the functions and specifications of the electric bike. We have a team of experts who review the product and provide their professional analysis to help you make a better purchase. Today, we will be reviewing the RadRover … Read more

Pace 500 Electric Bike Review

Aventon Pace 500 review

This Report gives you a comprehensive analysis of physical products by a team of experts. Our engineers have taken the time out to review these products to help you make a better purchase. This report is about an electric bike from Aventon called the Pace 500. Our engineers had the chance to test this product … Read more

Himiway Cruiser ebike review

Himiway ebike

This report offers a detailed analysis by a team of engineers and cycling enthusiasts, sharing their first-hand experience. Our engineers are well-versed in electric bikes, their parts, and their functions. Our detailed analysis will help with the purchasing decisions of your first or next electric bike. Today, we will be reviewing the Himiway Cruiser. The … Read more

Aveny Skyline Review

A Cream Aveny Skyline Electric Bike

Today we will be reviewing the Aveny Skyline offered by Blix. Unlike other electric bike reviews, we have a team of professional engineers who will be testing the e-bike themselves and will provide detailed feedback on different factors of the electric bike. The Merlin Report Card rates on performance, appearance, comfort, and price. The Aveny Skyline is … Read more

E-bikes Vs E-scooters: Which is the Better Option?

ebike vs e-scooter

Electric-powered vehicles are on the rise, and it can be seen as our roads are flooding with different types of electric vehicles such as electric cars, electric bikes, hoverboards, electric scooters, and so on. The rise in the demand for electric vehicles makes sense as they emit fewer greenhouse gases than petrol- or diesel-powered vehicles. … Read more



Name the most challenging aspect of getting an e-bike of your choice. The height, right? Mess it up on this one, and you are in a heck of a lot of trouble. Most of the time, the discomfort gets a toll on your overall riding experience. Getting an e-bike made suitable for short riders is … Read more


The Best Waterproof E-Biking Gear and Apparel

Blustery electric bike rides can be fun, but not if you are not prepared for it. When you look to buy e-biking gear, you usually think of style and utility and not rain. However, when you leave home for work and it starts raining cats and dogs, you wish you had thought about it. The … Read more


The Health and Environmental Benefits of Electric Bikes

Sedentary lifestyles have become a major part of the developed, digital world. This is anchored mainly by technological advancements, the use of which demands people to sit in front of computers and other ‘connected’ devices. This lack of physical activity has been causing major health problems that have drawn much attention and awareness from the … Read more

How to Buy the Best Electric Bike?

How to Buy the Best Electric Bike?

Many people think that traditional bicycles might vanish from the face of the earth as soon as the rising popularity of e-bikes has finished its toll. However, the reality is that human-powered mobility is only going to enhance with the increase in the acceptance of e-bikes. The current stage in the lifecycle of e-bikes is … Read more