Will Smith Receives Electric Bike From SUPER73.

Will Smith Electric bike by SUPER73
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Will Smith received a Special Edition electric bike from Super73 for the 30th year anniversary for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Super73 is calling the bike the “Super Fresh Electric Bike”. Super 73 is the California-born electric bike company founded in 2016. Super73 has been leading the industry in innovative electric bikes.

Will Smith, the famous American actor, film producer, and rapper is trending on the internet these days. The reason behind this breakout is the high-tech e-bike gift given by Will Smith to Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is the Crown Prince of Dubai. People are going crazy about the looks of that e-bike and want to know the inner details as well. From the photo below, it can be clearly seen that the e-bike is by SUPER73, which is a pioneer brand in the e-motorbike industry. People now are looking forward to discovering the inside features of that e-bike as they are curious to know what made Will Smith gift this bike to the Crown Prince.

Will Smith's Electric Bike by SUPER73
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Airs 30th Anniversary

Will Smith Gives SUPER73 Electric Bike Away

The Crown Prince was really happy to receive this gift and posted his photo sitting on the e-bike on Instagram. He tagged Will Smith in his post, thanking him and telling him that he has even managed to name his new bike from Super73 “Scotty”.

The details of the Will Smith bike so that you can figure out if you also want to gift that SUPER73 e-bike to your closed ones or you probably want to look for other options.

SUPER73 “Super Fresh Electric Bike” Features:

  • Aluminum alloy frame:

It has an aircraft-grade 6065/7071 aluminum alloy frame which is even lighter than steel. But in terms of rigidity, this aluminum alloy frame is more rigid. This frame also features corrosion and rust-resistant properties ensuring maximum durability of your e-bike.

  • Motor:

DC hub motor featuring 2000 watts output peak power is installed in this bike.

  • Battery:

This bike has a 960 watt-hour battery which can run 20mph for 40+ miles under throttle-only operation and more than 75 miles range on ECO pedal assist mode.

  • Headlight:

It also has a 12V headlight with high output triple LED design for brightest lighting results featuring 630 lumens.

  • Internal cable routing:

Internal cable routing minimizes cable clutter. It also protects and conceals the cable wiring within the frame.

  • BDGR tires:

This e-bike features the all-new BDGR tires which are 5″ wide and the most aggressive 20″ all-terrain fat tires in their class. These tires are constructed in a way that they can meet the demands of a revolutionary vehicle. The tires also feature an exclusive Super73 tread pattern with low road-noise, improved traction, and increases on-road as well as off-road riding stability.

SUPER73 Smart Features:

  • Mobile app compatibility:

The electric bike is able to connect to the Super73 mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS versions.

  • Smart display:

Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, a transflective monochromatic LCD display allows the e-bike rider to control their bike via the Super73 app.

  • Turn-by-turn navigation:

You can easily find out new routes by filling in your desired destination or dropping a pin using Super73 app navigation with directions.

  • Over the air updates:

You can receive over-the-air updates for operating your e-bike at peak performance,  ensuring the latest firmware and having updated functionality.

  • Multi-Class ride modes:

Different ride modes allow you to ride your e-bike at different speeds. The different modes also enable to ride paths without insurance, license, or registration.

SUPER73 Optional Features:

The remote anti-theft security and geolocation tracking use GPS or GPRS system for collecting data from the e-bike. Then the geolocation tracking system sends it to the receiver via cloud technology. The data can then be viewed on the Smartphone app to the user who can then view the e-bike position in real-time on the Map by geolocation control. The user can also activate this alarm from the app to get notifications on his phone every time the bike is moved from its original position.

SUPER73 Specifications:

  • Frame: 1-1/8″ – 1.5″ tapered head tube, 6061 / 7005 aluminum alloy frame
  • Color options: Hudson blue, Apollo white, Galaxy black
  • Motor specs: 750 watts nominal / 1200 watt peak for Class-1 Mode Output, 750 watts nominal / 1200 watt peak (Default) for Class-2 Mode Output, 750 watts nominal / 1200 watt peak for Class-3 Mode Output, and 1200 watts nominal / 2000 watt peak for Unlimited output.
  • Speed settings: 20mph (pedal-assist only, throttle deactivated) for Class-1 Mode, 20mph for Class-2 Mode, 28mph (pedal-assist only, throttle deactivated) for Class-3 Mode and 28mph+ for Unlimited Mode.
  • Battery: 21700 cells, 960 watt-hours
  • Weight: 63lbs (w/o battery), 73lbs (w/ battery)
  • Front hub: steel axle, 9 x 135mm
  • Rims: 20″ x 100mm alloy featuring lightening cutouts
  • Tires: Front: 20 by 4.5″ and Rear: 20″ by 5″ BDGR All-Terrain
  • Brakes: 180mm front, and rear rotors, 2-piston forged aluminum caliper, Tektro hydraulic brakes
  • Suspension: 120mm travel, 32mm stanchion air spring fork with compression, and rebound damping, and adjustable pre-load
  • Display: Mobile device + Transflective Monochrome LCD
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS compatible
  • DC/DC converter: 48v-12v (120 watt)
  • Headlight: High output triple LED Halo
  • Horn: Optional accessory sold separately
  • Charger: 3A (6-7 hour charge time) / optional: 5A (3-4 hour charge time)
  • Pedal Assist: 4 modes including ECO, SPORT, TOUR, and SUPER
  • Crank / Front Chain Ring: 36T chainring, 125mm alloy crank arms / Optional: 44T chainring for 10-speed gearing
  • Gearing: Single-speed 16T rear cog /10-speed gearing (11-36T): optional accessory sold separately
  • Rear derailleur: Single-speed fixed gear/10-speed Shimano zee: optional accessory sold separately.
  • Seat height: 31″
  • Weight limit: 325lbs

Conclusion of Will Smith’s “Super Fresh Electric Bike”:

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a classic for a generation. It’s been fun to see Will Smith grow into adulthood and not lose his sense of adventure. We loved to see Super73 bike collaborate with The theme of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. It is puzzling why Will Smith would give away such a cool electric bike (that was donated to him). With that said, one can only imagine how much fun the Crown Prince has been having fun with his new electric bike. Check out the YouTube video below:

kyleOwner at - EbikeWizard

I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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