The Best Waterproof E-Biking Gear and Apparel

Blustery electric bike rides can be fun, but not if you are not prepared for it. When you look to buy e-biking gear, you usually think of style and utility and not rain. However, when you leave home for work and it starts raining cats and dogs, you wish you had thought about it. The … Read more

How to Buy the Best Electric Bike?

How to Buy the Best Electric Bike?

Many people think that traditional bicycles might vanish from the face of the earth as soon as the rising popularity of e-bikes has finished its toll. However, the reality is that human-powered mobility is only going to enhance with the increase in the acceptance of e-bikes. The current stage in the lifecycle of e-bikes is … Read more



When it comes to buying an electric bike, we all know that it can cost us thousands of dollars. However, there are plenty of bargains to be had on the used electric bike market. In this article, we will take a look at some of the important things to consider and look out for prior … Read more

Tesla Electric Bike; Model B

Model B concept design is sleek and beautiful

Electric vehicles are the future. They are quiet, do not pollute, and are becoming more reliable. Elon Musk’s Tesla is the industry leader in making electric vehicles. So with Elon dominating the electric car industry, it is no surprise that Elon and Tesla would get into the electric bike industry. Tesla is known for their … Read more

Best Electric Bike Accessories on Amazon

The best electric bike accessories on Amazon are utility-providing

If you ride an electric bike, you can make your commutes safer and more fun with these best electric bike accessories on Amazon. From handlebar grips to helmets to lights, the electric bike accessoriesĀ in this article are equipped with smart features and cool-looking designs. These can help make you and your electric bikeĀ look much cooler, … Read more

The Best Electric Bike Trails in California

The best electric bike trails in California are beautiful and surrounded by nature

If you have an electric mountain bikeĀ and you want to capitalize on it fully by using it for adventurous trail riding, you are lucky if you are in the United States. There is no shortage of stunning cityscapes and fascinating landscapes in the country, which can be regarded as a paradise for cyclists. If we … Read more


Electric bikes and good weather-related topics are discussed frequently. Rarely does the topic of bad weather and electric bikes get discussed. Typically, when most people think about riding electric bikes, they picture riding on nice summer days. We believe that winter riding is awesome as well. Electric bike owners or future electric bike owners should also consider riding in the snow. It’s magical. The streets are bare of people, covered in snow and you can get a great workout. Letā€™s discuss the basics of what you should consider when thinking about riding your electric bike in the snow.

Merlin Report (RadRover 6 Plus)

The Merlin ReportĀ Card gives you a more detailed review as we test the products ourselves rather than relying on the functions and specifications of the electric bike. We have a team of experts who review the product and provide their professional analysis to help you make a better purchase. Today, we will be reviewing the … Read more