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Model B concept design is sleek and beautiful
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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

Electric vehicles are the future. They are quiet, do not pollute, and are becoming more reliable. Elon Musk’s Tesla is the industry leader in making electric vehicles. So with Elon dominating the electric car industry, it is no surprise that Elon and Tesla would get into the electric bike industry. Tesla is known for their class-leading products, with some of the longest range and best performing vehicles on the market.

Tesla Getting Into the Electric Bike Game

Tesla is coming up with its own version of what an electric bike should be. It’s called the Model B. Its state-of-the-art features and modern appearance has the industry buzzing. Model b has high-end features that you would expect from a vehicle, not an electric bike. Model B has autopilot, front, side, and rear-facing radar. It has come with cameras and sensors to let you know other cars are near or problems with the road such as potholes. The bike also has two independent motors with one having suspension into the spokes.

If you are a Tesla fan and own a Tesla car, it is just not always convenient to drag out your beast that is charging in your car porch. For wandering on your neighborhood streets or if you are a teenager, a Tesla electric bike is a much better option. The Model B obliterates the common conventions of e-bikes and offers gimmicks like the autopilot. Mercedes, BMW, Harley-Davidson, and Ducati, along with other grand automobile companies, are leaning towards entering the e-bike part of the market, and Tesla did not lag behind them.

Recently, Tesla brought to the market a Cyberquad for kids that you can get for just $1,900. The concept of Model B has a design that makes it very energy-efficient and safe. The frame of Model B is sleek and offers proximity that is rear, side-facing, and front. The e-bike model is equipped with powerful LiDAR sensors that serve the rider as a protective bubble and instantly alert them of all kinds of obstacles that threaten to send harm their way or the e-bike’s way. Furthermore, Model B has a dual drive system which means that each of its wheels has its own designated motor. Shock absorbers are attached to each wheel, ensuring a smooth ride on even the most difficult and uneven of terrains. The spokes of the e-bike concept are integrated with the suspension.

Another unprecedented feature of the Model B is its automatic turning ability. On a traditional bicycle or electric bike, you turn it by applying pressure on the handlebars. The Model B from Tesla comes with wheel sensors that ascertain the amount of pressure you put on the handlebars and independently turn with the same strength. This means that you only have to apply pressure to turn the e-bike with respect to how much you want the e-bike to turn, and it will turn without its handle turning. The frame of the concept comes embedded with subtly visible (to the onlookers and not the rider) displays that offer all the analytics and information you would need about the ride. You can connect with it through your voice and ask it to display directions to wherever you want to go.

Some more of the concept’s safety features include cameras and ultrasonic radar sensors that surround the e-bike’s body in adequate amounts. This gives the electric bike concept a separate ‘mind’ that is constantly on the lookout for any dangers or threats. It is programmed to instantly notify and alert you if a vehicle, bump, pothole or any other obstacle or object comes within dangerous proximity to you and your e-bike. If, after getting alerted of the threat, you are not able to act appropriately or in time to fend it off and the situation gets critical, it goes into the auto-pilot mode and takes over the control from you and for you to masterfully and safely tact you out of it. The concept’s fork shaft is also powered independently.


“The bike has full autonomy to get the user out of harm’s way or guide them effortlessly to their destination.”

– Kendall Toerner


There is no doubt that the Tesla Model B electric bike concept is futuristic across all its features and components. Its performance is highly technologically-driven and efficient. The e-bike offers convenience and safety in unparalleled ways. From the battery it comes equipped with to its powertrain and software, the e-bike offers durability and quality.


When it comes to the outlook of the electric bike, the design is sleek without compromising on functionality. The color of the e-bike is white, and it has black accents on it, embellishing the impressive product with a storm-trooper look. It would not be surprising, though, for the e-bike to be available in metallic silver pretty soon after its launch as the color is now available for Tesla cars as well. The riding experience the Tesla Model B concept offers is simple yet extremely fun. You can program its functions however you please by adjusting the level of control you want to hand over to Artificial Intelligence and the levels of assistance you want the e-bike to offer you. The footrests and handlebars of the Model B are foldable, and the digital display dashboard is customizable. There is not a single piece of wiring on the bike that is visible on any part of the model, and the battery is completely concealed as well.


Overall, the Tesla Model B electric bike offers everything that e-bike lovers wish for. It offers robust control and maneuverability and has easy and simplified usage. If you like riding on different electric bike trails and enjoy nature along with refreshing yourself with the feelings that an e-bike ride offers, you can enhance the range of potential trails you can take on with Model B due to its capabilities to handle almost all kinds of terrains. You might consider a hill or a mountain too steep to climb, the Tesla Model B would disagree without giving it a second thought.


We all know the standards of Tesla do not allow mediocre quality products to pass through, especially when it comes to its vehicles.  Unless the company is not confident that an electric bike they produce will definitely turn heads and drop jaws, it will not launch it. The attention-to-detail element on the Tesla Model B electric bike is top-notch, giving it the qualities of being visually pleasing and copying-inspiring. There is no arguing that as soon as the bike launches, it is going to receive many awards, and its sales are going to touch the skies.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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