The 3 Best Electric Bikes for Kids

If you have been searching for an e-bike for your kid, you probably already know that it can be rather difficult. Or if you are new to the whole e-bike trend, you may be wondering what exactly an e-bike is. Before looking into purchasing an e-bike for your child or teen, examine the legality of electric bikes in your area. Some are considered road vehicles, so there is a minimum age for your child to ride e-bikes in your area. It is best to check with local officials to understand the fine print before purchasing an e-bike for your kids.

There are some good reasons to consider an e-bike for your child/teen:

  • Family Time: If the adults in the family like to ride bikes, whether traditional or electric, an e-bike can help children keep pace and navigate difficult terrain or steep hills. Not to mention, it can be a great way to engage children in quality family time.
  • Motor Interests: If your child or teen has expressed an interest in motorcycles or dirt biking, it can be a good warm up and introduction to get them an e-bike for them to experience motor power on two wheels.
  • Mountain Biking: If your family or your kid/teenager likes to go mountain biking, an e-bike can be a treat. While it does take some of the rigor out of mountain biking, it can be a good way to get them interested or allow them to go at an easier pace.
  • Commuting: If your child has a lengthy commute walking to school or you just need a source of transportation for them other than a car, an e-bike is a great alternative for your child to get to where they need to go.

While there are dozens of options for sale today, the following three e-bikes are the absolute top picks for kids with a range of interests and ages:

Stacyc 12eDrive Kids Balance Bike

This is the perfect e-bike for children with little to no experience on a bike. The Stacyc 12eDrive Kids Bike has a non-powered mode, to allow your child time to learn how to balance, push, and coast before switching to motor power.

Your child only needs an inseam that is 14” or taller to be able to touch the ground. And the Stacyc weighs only 17 pounds, with a 20V battery. The battery can last for up to one hour, with a quick charging time of 30 to 60 minutes. When it comes time to switch to powered mode, there are various power levels, with a max speed of 9 miles per hour.

Woom UP 5

This is for all your adventurous mountain biking kids. The Woom UP 5 is an e-bike designed for mountain biking. With pedal assist, this e-bike can help your child or teen tackle even the toughest mountains in front of them.

It weighs in at around 35 pounds, and is great for children between 7 to 11 years old, or 50” to 57” in height. It is a lightweight and easy frame, for confident handling, with 11 speeds to adjust while taking on the trails. The top speed is 12 miles per hour with pedal assistance, and features a 250 Wh battery.

You can also rest assured with the FAZUA Rider app—which is compatible with the Woom UP 5 e-bike. This means you can view data for your kid’s ride including mileage and speed, along with navigation and more. The app even lets you see the battery charge, so you can remind your rider when to plug in the battery.

RadMini 4

While this is not designed to be a “kids” bike, the RadMini 4 from RadPower fits many taller pre-teens and teenagers. However, this ride is one for the ages with its easy fold-up storage and weighs in around 67 pounds. It is perfect for easy storage in tight quarters, or if you live in a place where riding an e-bike is a seasonal activity for your teen. With a 48V battery, and 750 W hub motor, your teen can ride in style.

There are many features that are included in the RadMini 4 that increase the safety for your teen. It can charge electronics on the go, making their cell phone battery last while they are away from the house. And the display monitors speed and assistance, and has a fuel gauge for when it is time to charge. It also features puncture resistant tires and headlights, taillights, and brake lights, so your rider can be safe on their travels through town.


The important thing to think about in an e-bike is comfort. If your child is not comfortable, they are more likely to crash. Therefore, regardless what e-bike you choose, be sure that it fits your kids’ size and their style, so they can coast down the street and enjoy the ride.

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Jason has owned an ebike for 3 years and loves them for many reasons - mostly because they offer low cost, energy efficient, and emission-free transportation which also has physical and health benefits.

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