The Best Complete Skateboards in 2021

Best Complete Skateboards

It’s not surprising that the best complete skateboards are so popular amongst millennials who leave no chance to express themselves. With the developments in technology and design, this mode of electric transportation can be customized just the way you like. From the color to the wheels to the bearings, even the material can represent what you believe.

While looking for skateboards that you feel are most suitable for your everyday use, keep in mind the skills, purpose, and tech specs that you might need in your machine. This is a tricky process, and we understand your confusion. So, to make it easier for you to determine which electric skateboard is the right choice for you, we have tracked down the best complete skateboards and compiled them into a list.

1. Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

This skateboard has a 30-inch short deck with a functional kick-tail. The components of this electric skateboard make it easier to ride, turn, and control. The sleek body of this electrical skateboard offers a lot of power, which is great for people who want to practice their skills and experience. But the best part? You can carry it around with you very easily as it is super portable.

2. Jking Electric Skateboard

The JKing electric skateboard has a range of 8.2 miles with a comparatively longer charging time of 4 hours. Perfect for skaters aged over 12 years, this model of skateboard weighs only 12.3 pounds. Since it has a high-density, waterproof deck, exclusively built from two layers of bamboo and six layers of maple, it offers a smooth ride. This skateboard also allows you the ease to carry 210lbs of extra weight or cargo on the go.

3. Meepo Awd Pro

Priced at only $700, yet offering a performance better than skateboards by many well-known brands, this board is one of the fastest electric skateboards. Helps in providing quick acceleration, braking, and good control; this skateboard’s four hub motors total at an impressive 2160 watts of power, allowing it to reach a top speed of 34mph. It is designed for heavier riders who are looking for a smooth ride.

4. Metroboardx

With over ten years of presence in the industry to its credit, Metroboard is one of the oldest and possibly the top reputable e-skate companies. Its MetroboardX comes with either street or all-terrain wheels, depending on the customer’s needs. The customer can also choose between different pulley sizes and get a 52 tooth wheel pulley. The board offers 36mph high speed due to the presence of a stainless steel truck axis, making your commute easier and faster than ever before.

5. Backfire G3 Plus

With a bigger range than the previous skateboard G3, this skateboard has more powerful hub motors. This flexible carbon fiber-designed board is best suited for lighter riders. The maximum weight capacity of the rider is recommended to be 95kgs, and the charging time is an average of 3.5 hours, placing it at mid-tier. It is designed with a curve, and it offers a comfortable riding experience by providing a wireless remote and an LED display that lets you see your settings easily.

6. Kaly NYC

Designed by Ernesto Clark, it offers three different off-road models. The deck of this electric skateboard is a sleek combination of fiber and fiberglass, giving it an aesthetic appearance. A few components on this skateboard are CNC precision-machined. The fun part is that you can customize this board at purchase and choose between red, black, gold, and blue as the color of your board. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Here’s another fun part that comes with owning this device, it can be connected to your android app to make control easier.

We understand that living in a world where time is a pricey commodity; you must also be seeking opportunities to save your time wherever possible. Whether it’s your commute to the office or a rushed visit to the corner store, these fast electric skateboards are very practical because they offer small, mobile, and convenient travel. Hence the title, best electric skateboards in 2021. If we have convinced you to look for an electric skateboard now, select the skateboard of your liking from the list above and let top speed enthrall you!


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