The Best Waterproof E-Biking Gear and Apparel
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Blustery electric bike rides can be fun, but not if you are not prepared for it. When you look to buy e-biking gear, you usually think of style and utility and not rain. However, when you leave home for work and it starts raining cats and dogs, you wish you had thought about it. The e-bike apparel world faces the use of the word ‘waterproof’ rather liberally. While buying waterproof gear, you want to ensure that it actually works, or buying it proves counterintuitive. In this article, we have listed some of the most efficient waterproof e-biking gear as well as waterproof apparel that is capable of keeping you dry while you ride your electric bike.

What You Need

The four essential pieces of e-bike apparel that you require to make your ride fun in the rain include:

  • The pannier
  • The overshoe
  • The legs
  • The jacket

The temptation to skimp while you are at an e-bike gear shop is usually difficult to pass. However, you only need a single layer from head to toe to render yourself waterproof. The apparel you choose should be highly efficient in its functionality, though even a little sprinkle can make you soaked as you can collect a lot of moisture while you travel at speed during rain. To avoid it, you need to protect your front the best as it is exposed the most. This means that the front half of the waterproof apparel you choose should be reinforced more heavily with sturdier fabrics and seams.

The Pannier


Electric bike riders who either like or have to take different items along on their two-wheeled rides think about the integrity of their bags, the first thing when it starts to rain. Electronics, books, or any other kind of items can get seriously damaged if they are not kept from getting wet. Most of the saddlebags, backpacks, and panniers that you will find in the market are designed only as e-biking gear and not as waterproof gear.

There was a time when there was no choice but to store away your phones and laptops in unattractive plastic bags to prevent them from getting all wet in the rain. But now, there is efficient and effective waterproof gear available for you to achieve peace of mind and enjoy your rain-inflicted electric bike ride without worry.

You can go in backpacks or pannier bags. Make sure they are watertight and are made from a truly water-resistant material, such as waxed cotton canvas or thick nylon. You can also find bags that are either designed or have separate sections specifically for the gadgets or items you usually travel with. Panniers have a low center of gravity and can feel seamless to ride with even while they hold heavy objects. Make sure the waterproof gear you go for has hooks that can be easily attached and removed from different types of electric bike racks.

Here are our top picks for waterproof e-bike bags and panniers:

The Overshoe

Getting your shoes and socks soaked is one of the most annoying feelings for most people. Rainwater naturally runs down the legs, and you certainly do not want to be missing waterproof shoes while shopping for waterproof apparel. You can try to water-resist your shoes by wearing long waterproof pant that covers them, but that does not always work and can look awkward as well. Overshoes that fit over your shoes are the ideal piece of rain e-biking apparel when it comes to keeping your feet dry. They might look a little funny at first glance, but witnessing them acting as water-resistant barriers once is sure to make you regret not buying them a long time ago.

There are a number of brands that produce excellent overshoes, providing you with not only water resistance but mud resistance and a bit of warmth as well. Many of them have adjustable outer shells to make them fit and easy to put on. Most of them are compact and even foldable for stowing them away in your backpack.

Here are our top picks for waterproof electric bike overshoes to protect your shoes as well your socks and feet from getting wet:

The Legs

A good pair of waterproof pants can keep you from getting raised eyebrows and questioning looks and prevent embarrassment. This piece of waterproof e-bike apparel might not be the coolest clothing you can wear, but it sure is one of the most functional ones during thunderstorms. You can keep them easily stowed away in your backpack until their need arises.

They usually have large legs to allow you to step through with your shoes on. They are not necessarily aerodynamic or even very fitted but are practical to their core. You can not only keep your legs dry by utilizing them but your work or casual pants as well. Most of them have elastic wastes, and their seams are taped to allow ease of use and high water resistance. If you go for ones that are made from thick and windproof material, they can also keep you warm.

Here are our top picks for waterproof electric bike pants:

Rain Waterproof Pants Work E-Biking Gear Motorcycle Outdoor Windproof

ARD Motorcycle E-Bike Pants Waterproof, Windproof Riding CE Armored

Men’s Waterproof Over-Pants Side Zip Removable Armor

Rain Pants Women Waterproof, Windproof E-Biking Gear Outdoor

BenBoy Waterproof Windproof Fleece Cargo Pants

Waterproof Riding Pants With 4 X Knee Hip Pads

33,000ft Waterproof Cycling Pants, Windproof Breathable Sweatpants

The Jacket

You just cannot ride comfortably if your trunk is not dry and warm. However, there is a fine line between warm and too warm. Therefore, you need a piece of waterproof e-biking gear over your shirt that allows adequate airflow. The rear of electric bike rain jackets is usually long, and their front is cut back. This is to offer you protection while you lean forward while making sure not to interfere with your pedaling.

The e-bike apparel coats that use a membrane to resist water are ideal for keeping you warm and dry during heavy rains, while waterproof apparel coats that utilize a protective outer coating are enough to protect your body from moisture.

Here are our top picks for waterproof jackets, the primary piece of e-bike apparel:

The above-mentioned e-biking gear and waterproof apparel are sure to keep you dry and warm during your electric bike rides, whether it is raining light or heavily. Just remember to keep sizing in mind while buying your waterproof gear and apparel and the kind of e-biking you plan on doing.

kyleOwner at - EbikeWizard

I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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