Electric Bikes for Seniors

While many senior citizens assume that they can no longer ride a bike for various reasons, this is far from the truth. Many seniors appreciate electric bikes because they reduce the amount of physical exertion needed but allow riders to get a true outdoors experience. Getting fresh air along with some exercise boosts health and happiness for people of all ages, and luckily for seniors, electric bikes cater to anyone of any age.

The concept of an electric bike was actually formed before today’s seniors were even born. The earliest records of e-bike patents we have are from the late 1800s, but they haven’t become very popular in much of the world until recently. Technology has evolved exponentially in the past few decades and has made it possible to manufacture attractive e-bikes that can be tailored to each individual rider. Electric bikes can be customized to fit seniors’ needs, so it is recommended that seniors who are desiring a new low-impact hobby look into them. 

Electric bikes have the same general body styles as traditional bikes, so seniors should be able to find a bike with the best frame for their needs. Most of the time, seniors opt for a swooping frame that makes it easier to get on and off of. Some e-bikes seem be made more ergonomically friendly and therefore let riders feel more relaxed and less sore later on. Seniors who are more comfortable on their bikes are more likely to ride for longer periods of time, which improves health and happiness (more on that later). 

Electric bikes are also generally made with the same variety of configurations as traditional bikes, and a few configurations may be better for seniors. For example, trikes and recumbent bikes feature three wheels, which is great for seniors who have balance issues or were never very good at riding a traditional bike when they were younger. These can help senior riders feel more confident and more stable. Also recommended for seniors is a cruiser bike, which allows an upright seated position, wide tires, and cushioned seats to maximize comfort. These, too, offer a stronger sense of stability and are usually easier to get on and off of. 

Seniors investing in an electric bike normally don’t need to get one that offers the highest amount of power. Smaller motor sizes (e.g., approximately 300 watts) would probably be just fine for seniors looking to ride around their neighborhoods or around town. Most seniors are not looking to go at the top speed possible, so a more powerful wattage probably isn’t required. Seniors can still get up to around 15 miles per hour with a small motor, and a motor using less power normally increases the battery life of the e-bike. 

Oftentimes, it is recommended that seniors looking to purchase e-bikes should invest in one with a full throttle option. This is key for many seniors who may get too tired and don’t want to pedal after any given amount of time. Pedal assist will always be an option and they can get back to pedaling at any time, but having a full-throttle option can prevent having to stop for breaks.

Using an electric bike can also help seniors get outside for longer periods of time because e-bikes take on some of the effort needed to propel them. Having assistance makes riding a bike more enjoyable with less pain than riding a traditional bicycle would be for many seniors. While electric bikes are oftentimes considered more fun than a traditional bike, they normally offer a faster ride, so seniors should consider always wearing a helmet while riding. 

The health benefits that e-bikes offer to seniors are critical to their well-being. Riding an electric bicycle is quite easy on the joints compared to other exercises such as running, and it improves heart health and can lessen depression and anxiety. The benefits of e-bikes for seniors are plentiful and can keep them feeling young. 

As an added bonus, seniors who want to help the environment but aren’t sure how could start riding an electric bike around town instead of just for exercise, too. Electric bikes don’t utilize gasoline and therefore don’t emit the same pollution as gas-powered vehicles. On that note, they also eliminate the need to sit in traffic.

Seniors should ask for a tutorial on an electric bike before buying one to make sure they can get used to the differences between electric bikes and traditional bikes. Riding an e-bike with a throttle for the first time can be daunting, but riders are able to figure it out quickly and how to use it to their advantage. Local bike dealers will not only show seniors how to use the features, but they will help seniors adjust their e-bikes so they are as comfortable as possible. 

So, there you have it. Many seniors have the impression that they can never ride a bike at their age, but this is simply false. Electric bikes for seniors have comfortable and useful features that allow people of all ages to experience an enjoyable bike ride like they did as kids. If you or a senior you know is looking for a bike that won’t cause a lot of discomfort and fatigue, look into a senior-friendly electric bike. 


Jason has owned an ebike for 3 years and loves them for many reasons - mostly because they offer low cost, energy efficient, and emission-free transportation which also has physical and health benefits.

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