6 Types of Electric Transportation (Personal Vehicles)

types of electric transportation

This article entails a list of 6 types of electric transportation vehicles that can replace your current carbon-making machine!

Are you worried about the environment and the hazards your vehicle might be causing but confused about alternatives?

Well, you have come to the right place. Here, we will list six types of electric transportation vehicles that can replace your current carbon-making machine, providing you ease and cutting down on fuel costs in the process.

A few years ago, the only electric vehicle most people were aware of or could afford was the electric bicycle. But with the fast-paced developments in battery technology, a massive new industry of electric vehicles has popped up. Also known as the PEV or personal electric vehicles, this is a class of compact, battery-operated, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly vehicles that have recently gained popularity. To help you make an informed decision about which vehicle is the most suitable for you to commute, let’s go through a list of the most portable, fun, and safe vehicle options.

1. Electric Motorcycles

For people who enjoy riding bikes, this low center of gravity speed bike is the perfect ride. With the absence of a gas engine leaving more space for technologies to be added, bike enthusiasts rank these motorcycles as surprisingly more comfortable and smoother than a regular motorcycle. Something else that makes this motorcycle such a favorite amongst riders is that its electric engines don’t need to warm up. The power goes straight to the wheels for instant acceleration, giving riders the thrill of instant torque.

2. The Electric Trike

With the oil prices rising everywhere, these electric tricycles offer great mileage overcharge, saving a lot of money on fuel. Riding these vehicles provides a lot of fun and fitness in the same go and makes the commute easier. We mention fitness here because people who want to push their muscles and build their stamina can also benefit from the low-impact workout achieved by traveling through an electric trike.  Besides, these vehicles also have some storage space to carry things around, making them more convenient than regular bikes.

3. Hoverboards

These convenient, environmental friendly, energy-efficient, and inexpensive, innovative vehicles are effortless to use and cost almost no maintenance charges. Due to the convenience, ease on the pocket budget, and the sleek styles offered in the market, these are extremely popular amongst teens and adults alike.

4. Electric Scooter

In terms of portability, electric scooters are perhaps the best mode of personal electric transport. These vehicles can be folded up into compact, easy-to-store, and lightweight suitcases. We call it a suitcase because it is truly just as easy to drag around as a small suitcase, meaning it can be taken anywhere in the world. This whisper-quiet mode of efficient travel is also fast becoming popular because of the awareness among masses about the need to add physical activity to the sedentary lifestyle we lead today.

5. Electric Skateboard

Unlike a regular skateboard, these electric skateboards accelerate up to 25 miles an hour at the push of a single button, making them an exciting sport for adults and young alike. These vehicles are easy to learn and drive with the help of a handheld wireless control, also called the finger drive. This enables the riders to focus on the road while also efficiently controlling the vehicle. Considered best for uneven landscapes due to its ability to regenerate power upon braking, an electric skateboard lasts for more extended periods than any other electric vehicle of similar built.


6. Walkcar

The walkcar is a personal electric vehicle that appears like a laptop at first glance. But with four tiny wheels, a light aluminum body, and portability, this modern-day technology can speed up to 10km/h after being charged for 3 hours via USB. Called the ‘car in a bag,’ these devices are the epitome of modern-day, eco-friendly personal vehicles and are being widely appreciated worldwide after their recent launch.

This list is a short compilation of the most appreciated electronic personal vehicles worldwide that we think will make your commute more accessible and eco-friendly by helping you save some bucks on maintenance and fuel. Hopefully, you will find one that will convince you to make that initial investment for an extended period of relaxed travel from the above 6 types of electric transportation.


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