What Is a Class 2 Electric Bike?

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Class 2 e-bikes are always loved by e-bikers because of their great features and benefits. This article contains a detailed insight into class 2 e-bikes and discusses some of its top models.

A class 2 e-bike features throttle properties and does not require pedal assistance for moving. The maximum speed you can attain on the throttle feature is 20mph. But there also are some class 2 e-bikes that feature both throttle properties and pedal assistance. The good thing about these bikes is that you can ride them at even higher speeds up to about 28mph.

There are different classes of e-bikes based on the mechanism they use for operation. These classes also distinguish the maximum speed attainment of different e-bikes. In this article, our main focus is on class 2 e-bikes. Class 2 e-bikes are different from class 1 and class 3 e-bikes because they can run on two modes of action simultaneously. Out of these modes, one is the throttle mode whereas the other is the pedal-assist mode. To know more about class 2 e-bikes, read on.

What is a class 2 electric bike?

Class 2 e-bikes belong to that classification of e-bikes that operates on the throttle as well as pedal-assist mode. This helps class 2 e-bikes acquire a maximum speed of either 20mph or even 28mph. Below are details on class 2 e-bikes and a few top choices of e-bikes in this class.

What can users expect to get from a class 2 e-bike?

Users can expect a class 2 e-bike to handle all the durable components of an e-bike: integrated lights, LCD control panel, larger batteries, powerful motors, and more. These class 2 e-bikes provide a better weight distribution of these heavier components.

Buying a class 2 electric bike is not just about searching about it on the internet and buying it spontaneously. You really need to think and plan. A buyer should know for what purposes he wants the bike. For instance, if a buyer wants a bike to replace his current one, he needs to plan accordingly. A rider should always try to pick the style that suits him and his needs.

In accordance with e-bike laws, most of the class 2 e-bikes are bound to 750W, but performance and acceleration can be increased on steeped gradients because the torque in these kinds of bikes is not regulated.

  • Class 2 bikes can be ridden conveniently on hilly routes.
  • These bikes are easy to use.
  • The motor on these bikes is powerful; they generally have a hub motor.

Top class 2 e-bikes:

Here are some of the top class 2 e-bikes and their manufacturers:

1. QuietKat – Jeep

  • The weight of a QuietKat jeep is 70lbs
  • The maximum payload is 300lbs
  • The torque it produces is of 160Nm
  • The motor generates power ranging from 750W to 1000W
  • The battery capacity is 696Wh
  • The travel range is 58 miles
  • The price starts at $6,299

The idea behind this bike was to create a powerful off-road e-bike, so QuietKat came into existence this way and was developed in partnership with an iconic brand of vehicles.

As mentioned earlier, this amazing e-bike comes with a power level ranging from 750W to 1000W, with a peak performance of 160 Nm, and can boast up to 1500W. QuietKat is the most powerful of all.

The QuietKat jeep uses 203mm disc rotors, 4-piston hydraulic brakes, 150mm full suspension, 26″ x 4.8″ fat tires, and terrain for better performance and control so that users can easily pass from hardpacked trails, snow, mud, and sand.

There are a lot of additional features you get with this e-bike. For example, the 14.5Ah battery is capable of delivering 58 miles travel range, with premium SRAM9 gearing, so that the user always has his perfect gear. The amazing feature list is not over yet. With this bike, you get a removable throttle with which you can turn this bike into a class-1 e-bike and enjoy your ride in the parks while abiding by e-bike laws.

Some remarkable features of the QuietKat e-bike are: 

  • Has a gearing specification of 1×9-speed SRAM
  • Custom air suspension fork of 150mm
  • 4-piston brakes
  • Tires of 26×4.8 inches
  • Rear shock of 150mm

2. Rad Power Bikes – RadRunner Plus

  • The motor capacity is 750W
  • The battery capacity is 672Wh
  • The travel range is up to 45 miles
  • The maximum payload of 300lbs
  • The torque produces 80Nm
  • The weight is 74lbs
  • The cost is $1,799 approximately

With its affordable price, RadRunner Plus is a bike that can be customized easily. The accessory combination number for this powerful bike is 330, but this functionality can be customized and personalized according to the user’s needs.

This bike can accommodate two people weighing total 300lbs because it comes with a passenger package. Its rear rack has a comfortable seat for the second person. Powerful battery and motor are its most prominent features and other additional components include a front fork, wide tires that are puncture-resistant, and disc brakes.

Additionally, a USB port for charging devices, a kickstand, a pannier rack, full fenders, front and rear lights are also integrated to make this bike a comfortable commuting for the rider. This bike is like a commuter’s dream coming true.

Some remarkable features of Rad Power Bikes – RadRunner Plus are:

  • Tires of 20 x 3.3 inches
  • A suspension fork of 80mm
  • Gearing speed of 1×7
  • Has Tetkro disc brakes

3. Rambo – Rooster

  • The power of the motor is 750W
  • The maximum payload is 300lbs
  • The weight is 61lbs
  • The travel range of 35 miles (without pedaling)
  • The battery capacity is 672Wh
  • The cost is $1800 approximately.

Fulfilling the basic user requirements, this bike has a powerful motor and a solid frame. As a class-2 e-bike, the Rambo rooster is very good quality. If you are looking for an e-bike for going to work, buying groceries, running errands, or just want to roam around the town, this is the perfect bike for you.

It is suitable for riders of all sizes because there is an adjustable handlebar fitted in its step-through frame. Also, it has a rear rack for the rider’s luggage.

Remarkable features of Rambo – Rooster are: 

  • Rigid fork
  • Tires of 20×4 inches
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Has single-speed gearing

This e-bike does not have a suspension, but the user needs not to worry. The Rooster e-bike has Kenda tires of 4 inches, which means that Rooster is capable of absorbing bumps in the road. Moreover, the removable battery and 750W motor help the rider to keep going up to 56 kilometers or 35 miles without pedaling. With all these features, the user will not need any extra gears. Everything is kept simple yet practical.

4. Ride1UP – 700 Series (Class 3 with 20mph Throttle)

  • The battery capacity is 672Wh
  • The torque is 60Nm
  • The power of the motor is 500W
  • The maximum payload is 275lbs
  • The weight is 62lbs
  • The travel range is 30 to 50 miles
  • The cost is $1,695 approximately

If you are a city bike rider, Ride1UP will stand out of all other bike options below the price range of $2000. Ride1UP is manufactured in a way that provides the user with good functionality and comfort for leisure riding, commuting, and urban riding.

The Ride1UP 700 series come with Tetkro disc brakes, tires that are puncture-resistant, and a hydraulic front fork suspension. Users can ride this bike comfortably on light trails and bumpy roads.

We know that a powerful motor needs a larger battery. The Ride1Up is also designed in the same way: its motor of 750W has a battery capacity of 14Ah. In addition to this, the power is delivered to LCD control panels and the lights are present on the back and front. Ride1UP has planned efficiently while designing this class 2 urban e-bike.

Remarkable features of Ride1UP – 700 Series (Class 3 with 20mph Throttle) are: 

  • Schwalbe SUPERMOTO tires of 27.5 x 2.4 inches
  • Fork suspension of 100mm
  • Dual-piston disc brakes
  • Has a gearing speed of 1×8

5. Aventon – Level (Class 3 e-Bike with 20mph Throttle):

  • The battery capacity is 672Wh
  • The torque is 60Nm
  • The motor capacity is 500W
  • The weight is 59lbs
  • The travel range is 30 to 57 miles
  • The cost is $1,699 approximately

For a commuter, Aventon’s Level is another good e-bike choice. While balancing performance and comfort, this bike is a perfect choice for everyday usage in urban areas. Some of its noteworthy components are fenders and rear rack, hydraulic disc brakes, an LCD display, and a fork suspension.

Power to all these components is provided by the 500W motor of this e-bike and 14Ah battery. This e-bike is available in three different sizes.

Remarkable features of Aventon – Level (Class 3 e-Bike with 20mph Throttle) are:

  • 5×2.2 inches tires of Kenda Quik Drumlin used.
  • Shimano Hyperglide gears are used with a gearing speed of 1×8.
  • 3 hydraulic disc brakes
  • Has a fork suspension of 75mm

6. Electric – XP 2.0

  • The power is 500W
  • The maximum payload is 330lbs
  • The weight is 63lbs
  • The battery capacity is 460Wh
  • The travel range is 45 miles
  • The cost is $1,099 approximately

XP 2.0 is an electric bike with throttle function and is versatile, easy to use, and affordable.

This is the best option if you plan on taking a commuter companion as the structure is very comfortable; the bike also has compact folding, integrated lights, and it has fenders and a rack. You can also take this bike onto loose terrain or bumpy roads.

For ensuring a smooth ride on a bumpy road and loose terrain, a punchy motor, disc brakes, four-inch-wide tires, and front fork suspension have been fitted into the bike.

Remarkable features of Electric – XP 2.0 are:

  • 20 x 4.0-inch CST BFT tires
  • Shimano Tourney gears with 1×7 speed
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Coil suspension fork

7. Blix – Packa

  • The power is 500W
  • The maximum payload is 400lbs
  • The weight is 72lbs
  • The battery capacity is 504Wh
  • The torque is 40Nm
  • The travel range is 75 miles
  • The cost is $1,599 approximately

Blix Packa is a cargo e-bike and is extremely affordable. The size of this e-bike is 24 inches. This electric bike was designed to replace a car with all its unique features like multi-modular racking and dual battery capacity. This bike can take a weight of 400lbs, and the rider’s height can range from 5’1″ to 6’3″. Other amazing features of this bike are: USB charging, fenders, integrated lights, disc brakes, and tires that are puncture resistant.

The package has pedal assistance of five levels and seven-speed gearings. These features allow the rider to tackle rough gradients while being completely loaded. The comfort of the user is never compromised. To ensure a better user experience, dual battery capacity is provided so the rider can travel longer distances.

Remarkable features of Blix – Packa are:

  • 24 x 2.4-inch CST tires
  • Shimano gears with 1×7 gearing speed
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Rigid steel fork


This was a detailed guide on class 2 e-bikes. If you want to get information on other classes of e-bikes as well, let us know your requests in the comment section below. We would love to share more with you on different classes of e-bikes, including their features and pros. From the given list of most-wanted class 2 e-bikes, you can definitely choose the one that best matches your requirements.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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