Which Electric Bike Motor Is The Best?

Whether you are just starting the ebike life or wanting to get more serious, it is crucial to understand the main principles, power, and limitations of your next e-bike.  (See ebikewizard’s post on Electric Bike Distance Calculator @ Electric Bike Distance Calculator – eBikeWizard.com ) You want to make sure you understand how to calculate the peak power of the motor you choose, which is voltage x peak amps = watts.

Major key elements of an ebike is the motor. You can have an awesome looking bike but if it doesn’t perform like you want then you will not be satisfied. Its like having Ferrari with a pinto motor. You will be disappointed. You are buying an ebike because you want the motor. So, let us discuss what kind of ebike motor might work best for you and your rider comfortability.

3 Types of motors (Front, rear hub motors & mid drive Motors)

FRONT HUB MOTORS AND REAR HUB MOTARS are great for beginners. The reason is because they are going to be a less torquey than the mid-drive motors that deliver the most power and torque. Less power that is not needed for a novice rider. Front hub and Rear hub motors, usually come in lesser watt power capacity than the Mid Drive Motors. They are more used as pedal assist. Typically come with a 250-watt or a 350-watt on the front. Its a good option if you’re just looking to get a little assistance while your out riding around and looking for a slight pedal assistance and your not anticipating long distances and you are comfortable with powering the bike under your own power. If you are someone that doesn’t need a lot of power, the front hub’s a good option.

REAR HUB MOTORS aregreat for beginners as well. They are a little faster with top speeds hitting roughly 22-24 MPH with pedal assistance. IF in full throttle mode and no pedaling you should still be able to hit speeds of 15 MPH. That is still faster then most people can even think about peddling on a bicycle. If you are not ready or have the motor skills for that speed It could potentially be dangerous. So, make sure that you are comfortable before trying to go wild.

MID DRIVE Motors are for the bad boys. Typically, they will have the most torque and power which will help you climb those hills. They in return are more efficient and the battery life will last longer. The motor is located in the middle of the bike which allows for the bike to distribute the weight more evenly. The Mid Drive Motors Watts are also remarkably diverse. They can range from anything from 250-Watt range to 1,000-watt with speeds varying from 20 MPH to 30+ MPH.


I hope the message you receive from this article is that there is not 1 perfect fit for all when it comes to ebikes. There are many different power levels and that the right power for you is a personal decision.

Commuting on a 250 W e-bike in my flat city is awesome but personally I am not interested in anything less than 750 Watt that I might take off road. The key is to find what works for you and how much power will achieve your goals. I suggest you go to a local ebike shop and test drive before you buy.


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