Who Makes the Best Electric Bike?

Who Makes the Best Electric Bike?
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If you are in the market for an electric bike? You might ask yourself “Who Makes the Best Electric Bike’s”? Buying an electric bike costs a lot of money. You don’t want to risk your money by buying from the wrong electric bike manufacturer. We have listed information about some of the best electric bike manufacturers. They offer premium quality, great variety, affordability, and extra features when it comes to electric bikes. Read this article to know it all!

Buzz bikes, Cannondale, and juiced bikes are some of the best electric bike manufacturers recognized in the market. They have years of experience in making high-quality electric bikes with modern technical features and specifications.

Choosing the right electric bike manufacturer is very important if you want to get the best electric bike. But how will you figure out that who makes the best electric bike? Well, don’t worry, we have got your back. In this article, we have finalized the top 3 electric bike manufacturing companies that are well known for their production quality, reliability, and affordability. To know more about these manufacturers, keep reading below.

Who Makes The Best Electric Bikes?

Who Makes the Best Electric Bike?

The top 3 electric bike manufacturers are buzz bikes, Cannondale, and juiced bikes. They have a wide variety of premium quality electric bikes specified for rides on different terrains. These manufacturing companies are trusted by many electric bike users because of the high quality of electric bikes they provide and their affordability.

1.      Buzz Bikes:

Buzz Bikes

Dayton, Ohio-based company named Buzz Bicycles makes electric bikes They invent and design electric bike products also. The company’s mission is to provide affordable, high in quality electric bicycles and tricycles for the general public.

Buzz Electric Bike: Top Features

While Buzz electric bikes are reasonably priced (starting at $1,499) they have a good list of useful functions for a price that you won’t find anywhere else. While the manufacturer has taken shortcuts in a few places to save money, the entire package is very impressive and well-equipped. The following are some of the characteristics we admire the most:

  • Electric Motor with Mid-Drive:

Buzz models use 350W Tong sheng motors with a maximum speed of 20 mph. Given that most electric bikes in this price range utilize hub motors with lesser specifications so this offer is quite impressive.

  • Simple-To-Ride Geometry:

The Buzz bicycle’s comfortable, upright geometry makes it simple to ride even if you haven’t experienced it on a bike in decades. Additionally, the step-through frame makes it simple to get on/off it.

  • Integral 36V 10.4Ah 375Wh Battery:

The 10.4Ah 375Wh (36V) battery is incorporated into the down tube. It’s lockable and can be easily removed while the bike is on charging.

  • Large LCD Display:

Buzz electric bikes have a large LCD display that is simple to read and informs you of your ride’s status including PAS level, battery level, speed, and odometer.

  • Disc Brakes:

A set of mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors provides constant, reliable braking.

  • Front and Rear Lights:

With brilliant front and rear battery-powered lights, you can ride Buzz bicycles at any time of day.

  • Torque Sensor:

A torque sensor on Buzz’s electric bike offers smooth pedal assistance, unlike most other electric bikes in this price range, that just features cadence sensors.

2.      Cannondale Electric Bike Selection:

It’s a great thing that Cannondale’s name is associated with high-quality bicycles and is the first choice of World Tour teams that have won many awards. Additionally, Cannondale produces a significant number of electric bicycles. The brand offers electric bicycles in a variety of categories, including mountain, road, fitness, touring, and urban.

  1. E-Road:

The e-road bikes from Cannondale are true performance machines. They are not the large, clumsy two-wheelers that get difficult to start if the battery runs out. E-road bikes are sleek, lightweight racing bikes that will allow you to ride faster and longer, but you will still be doing the majority of the effort.

This category includes the following models:

  • Super Six EVO Neo
  • Topstone Neo
  • Synapse Neo
  • Topstone Neo SL

Cannondale’s e-road bikes are equipped with rear-hub motors from bike motion or mid-drive motors from Bosch. The majority of models claim a range of 60–80 miles, and some can go up to 140 miles on a single charge. If you’re looking for a high-performance electric bike that makes riding even more enjoyable, try one of these.

  1. E-Fitness:

These are the e-fitness versions of Cannondale’s most inexpensive electric bikes. The majority of them are zippy hybrid bicycles designed for commuting, road fitness, or casual city riding. Their most popular models of electric bikes are:

  • Quick Neo
  • Treadwell Neo
  • Quick Neo SL

Cannondale’s e-fitness bikes are usually equipped with electric bike motion or Mahle Class 1 back hub motors and integrated batteries that offer up to 50 miles of range.

  1. E-Mountain:

Unfortunately for mountain bike lovers, Cannondale does not manufacture a large number of electric mountain bikes. The significant thing is that they are capable trail machines on pace with their “analog” predecessors. All three models are full-suspension mountain bikes designed for technical single-track, trail riding, and endure. The following models are available:

  • Moterra Neo
  • Trail Neo
  • Habit Neo

The list above includes versions that are made up of carbon fiber and aluminum, as well as those equipped with RockShox and SR Suntour suspension. Bosch and Shimano supply the electronics, which guarantee a range of 60+ miles per charge, allowing you to explore far further than ever before. The main point is that these bikes are capable of doing all of the tasks that “traditional” mountain bikes are capable of.

  1. E-Urban:

Cannondale’s electric urban bicycles are designed for city residents who understand that bicycles are the ideal method of transportation in a large metropolis. There are step-over/ step-through hybrid and city bikes in this collection, all with comfortable geometry and wide tires. We suggest the following models:

  • Canvas Neo
  • Adventure Neo
  • Tesoro Neo X Speed
  • Mavaro Neo

Cannondale equips the majority of their e-urban bikes with convenient attachments like fenders, lights, and racks. As a result, they are ideal for picnics, doing errands, commuting, and just riding about casually. All versions of the electric bikes use large-capacity batteries and Bosch motors which provide a range of 50 to 85 miles, varying with the model being considered.

  1. E-Touring:

These are high-duty electric bikes that can handle long distances and large loads. With large multi-surface tires in most of the models, riding on paved and unpaved roads is no problem. With one of these models, you may take the route less taken and go farther than ever before:

  • Tesoro Neo X
  • Cannondale Tesoro Neo
  • Tesoro Neo X Speed

High-capacity integrated batteries are standard in all models in this price category. Lights, a rear rack, and fenders are standard on all models. Pedal-assist range varies by model but offers between 80 and 105 miles of range.

3.      Juiced Bikes:

Tora Harri, a five-time American champion, a world record-holder in the high jump, and a 2004 Olympian launched Juiced Bikes in 2009. High-performance electric bikes with unique features are available on Juiced Bikes at an affordable price.

  1. Rip Current:

Rip Current electric bicycle is the do-it-all electric bike. This collection includes fat-tire bikes with front suspension, wide gears, and relaxed geometry. There are now two models in this series:

  • Rip Current
  • Rip Current S (step-over and step-through)

Rip Current motorcycles are well-known for their power and adaptability. When using the throttle or pedal assist, the bikes’ 750W rear hub motors can easily drive you up to 28 mph. The 52V 13Ah battery in the low-cost Rip Current variant has a 45-mile range. The costly variant, on the other hand, has a range of 70+ miles due to a 52V 19.2Ah battery.

Juiced bikes utilize torque and cadence sensors to assess your pedal power 1000 times a second, the electric help feels completely natural. As well as Shimano 9-speed drivetrains, brilliant lighting, and a cutting-edge LCD display, these cool electric bicycles have a lot to offer. Rear racks and fenders are available as options on the costly versions.

Wide tires on the Juiced Rip Current models are ideal if you want to ride on mild trails, mud, or gravel roads. You may also like the stability and comfort they offer.

  1. Scorpion:

The Scorpion is a collection of step-through moped-style electric motorcycles equipped with very strong batteries and motors, as well as game-changing accessories for commuting and city riding.

These are small electric monsters with a powerful punch featuring 1000W or 750W rear hub motors, respectively. At the present, the series consists of three models:

  • Hyper Scorpion, 
  • Hyper Scorpion Express
  • Scorpion X

The Hyper Scorpion versions reach maximum speeds of more than 30 mph and have an estimated range of more than 70 miles. The less powerful Scorpion X variant can help you up to 28 mph for a distance of up to 55 miles.

Scorpio electric bikes are also renowned for their ultra-bright headlights, which illuminate the road. A variety of additional accessories and functions are also present in it. Get it if you want a highly sophisticated electric bike that looks great and if you don’t mind the added weight of the bike.

  1. Scrambler:

The Scrambler and the Scorpion are both electric bikes in the moped-style. Scrambler electric bikes, on the other hand, feature step-over aluminum frames that give them a more motorcycle-like feel. Juiced Bikes’ Hyper Scrambler 2 is a strong electric bike that rides between a motorcycle and a bicycle.

The batteries support a monstrous 1000W (1500W peak) rear hub motor. Its overall battery capacity is about 2000Wh and its PAS operating range is well over 100 miles. The maximum speed of the Scrambler electric bike is 28 mph, the motor is 750W, and the battery is 52V 13Ah. Depending on how you ride, you may expect a range of 45 miles or more.

The extended passenger seat on these motorcycles allows you to share these benefits with a companion. Additionally, they include LED headlights, front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and 7-speed geared transmissions as standard.

  1. Crosscurrent:

Crosscurrent models are travelers’ dream bikes, equipped with everything you need to go from point A to point B quickly and effortlessly. They include lightweight aluminum frames, strong motors, excellent attachments, batteries, and high-quality components. At the present, there are three models available:

  • Crosscurrent XCrosscurrent S2 & Crosscurrent X Step-Through

These are Class 3 electric bikes with pedal assist and thumb control that can reach speeds of up to 28 mph. Given that they are commuters, Juiced bikes prioritize comfort and utility. For example, it has a comfortable upright geometry, with an aluminum frame, fitted with fenders, a front suspension, a rear rack, and a kickstand.

Additionally, all versions have hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear lights, and nine-speed transmissions. As a result, you’ll be able to go quicker, further, and conquer any hill.

Tips for Choosing The Best Electric Bike Manufacturer:

  • Manufacturing Quality:

Ensure that the manufacturer you are choosing is famous for the quality of manufacturing processes and products. You can check out the customer reviews to know about the product quality.

  • Affordability:

Electric bikes are quite expensive. So, the more affordable the manufacturer is the more beneficial will the purchase result for you.

  • Warranty:

You should always prioritize electric bike manufacturers who offer a good warranty with their products. This helps to keep your investment safe and protected. In case your bike meets any accidents, the manufacturers will take responsibility for the repair.


This was about the top electric bikes manufacturers popular in the market. You can visit their official websites to get a better insight into their cost, models, sizes, etc. The tips for choosing the best manufacturers mentioned in the end will help you in making the best decision. In case you have any further questions, let us know in the comment section below. Good luck with your best electric bike manufacturer hunt!

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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I am excited to be able to help people get by with their ebike journey. Here at ebikewizard.com, I share my expertise and over a decade of experience riding, testing, and troubleshooting ebikes of all kinds.

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